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Seema grew up in Calcutta (when it was still Calcutta and not Kolkata) soaking in the city's love of reading and argument. This came in handy together with her English Honors degree in the crazy, exciting world of advertising which she's been part of all her working life, writing ads, jingles,TVC's andAV's and brainstorming strategies on branding. Seema is a secret poet with volumes of unpublished poetry scribbled behind to-do lists and a head bursting with story ideas waiting to be written. She has travelled all over the world exept for China and Japan (she's married to an ex-Merchant Naval Captain) and has two growing children (children never fully grow up!). Seema loves singing, reading, writing, theatre, photography and social change, all of which she wants to explore deeply and does not intend to waste a single minute living life to the fullest.