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hindustani classical music by: Preeti Singh 3 years 11 months ago

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Discovered this wonderful artist. Ramneek Singh, is a renowned exponent of Hindustani Classical Music, Indore Gharana, in the Khayal genre.
Her repertoire is characterized by the soulful rendering of Vilambit or slow Khayal, as instituted by Ustad Amir Khan in the Indore Gharana. She has elegantly and imaginatively developed other genres like thumri, sufiana, shabad-kirtan into her presentation. Canadian television and radio has actively involved her music in their programming, including title music for shows.
She has 3 CDs to her credit, "Ibaadat", "Naad" and "Gobind Naam". Her soulful rendering of "Heer", in Deepa Mehta's movie, "Midnight's Children", was highly acclaimed.

check out her events in your city at www.ramneeksingh.com

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