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California now has one of the toughest equal pay laws in the country by: Talking Cranes 2 years 5 months ago

California took a major step Tuesday toward closing the lingering wage gap between men and women, as Gov. Jerry Brown signed one of the toughest pay equity laws in the nation.

Women in California who work full time are paid substantially less — a median 84 cents for every dollar — than men, according to a U.S Census Bureau report this year.

The governor called the measure, which will give employees more grounds for challenging perceived discrimination, “a very important milestone.”

It is supported by the California Chamber of Commerce and most state Republican lawmakers. National women’s rights leaders said the legislation was a model for other states and for Congress, where similar efforts have been stalled by Republican opposition.

California equal pay bill may be toughest in nation. Businesses said they expected more lawsuits once the new rules take effect Jan. 1.

Now lets see if this makes a difference.

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