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The Zen of Saying No

If your to-do list is longer than your wish list, it time to think about your priorities.

Many people take on a lot more than they can reasonably achieve. Instead of getting ahead, they spend too much time trying to stay afloat. It’s a dangerous position.

One of the main reasons for this is saying yes, when every bone in your body is screaming – I REALLY never want to do that. Almost everyone does it – even though some people are better at it than others.

Why do people say yes when they mean no?

Sandwich your way to the top

If you want to get somewhere in your workplace, the first rule you have to learn is to -

Ask for it.

Not everyone gets what they deserve. Look around you. If your workplace isn’t great at recognizing and rewarding people – YOU have to take charge.

Now that you know to ask for what you want. Do you know how to ask?

Try a Sandwich.

5 ways to disagree with someone

You may be right all the time.

Okay, that’s not likely, but there are times when you’re completely certain of yourself and whatever issue is at hand.

The trouble is that sometimes there are people that just don’t agree with your way (the right way).

What kind of boss are you?

One of my favourite stories of a good boss is from when I started in my career.

A brand manager at a large MNC sent a 13-page hand written complaint to my super boss. He was a Vice President, in the days when the title meant you were number 2 in the organisation to The CEO. I was an Account Executive.

I know what some of the people I have since worked with would’ve done.

But this boss brought the sheaf to my table and said ‘I don’t believe any of this to be true. Can you please help me respond to this?’ and walked away.

Theory Y management in practice.

Diary of a Working Woman - A Day in Sheela's Life


Our series Diary of a Working Woman examines everyday lives of women across the board, to see how they made their choices, how they juggle between their various roles, what inspires them. We hope these little snippets will inspire others in similar situations.


Strike a Balance


Travelling home after a week at my parents’ place, I mulled over the fact that my Easter vacation had, in fact, been a “working holiday”!  But far from annoying me, it made me realize how lucky I was to be able to spend time with my family without compromising on work.  And how?  Because I work from home (WFH)!  A privilege not to be taken for granted, especially when one works for a large multinational company!

What women bring to the table


One more International Women’s Day (IWD) just passed. Many companies organized events, mostly around health advice for women. More speeches were given by women achievers on breaking the glass ceiling. CEOs and HR heads shared the need for gender diversity.  And almost always these events are organized by women at workplace- of women, for women by women! Men rarely seem to attend the events. It’s like trying to evangelize the already converted!

The Marissa Mayer Memo

A lot has been said in the last few days about Marissa Mayer and the now infamous internal Yahoo ‘no work from home’ memo, most of it negative.

Beyond being Number One: Teleradiology Solutions