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Slay procrastination & bend time to your will with Rethink Retreats!

Have you ever set a goal, or made a resolution and wondered why it didn't happen? You meant to do it, and you had lots of good intentions, but somehow it just slipped through your fingers.

Well this video training will help you uncover the hidden blocks that are stopping you from achieving your goals. 5 easy steps will help you blast the blocks in under ten minutes.

Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career!

Just finished reading this book “The Start Up of You” by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha, which I found educative and inspiring. I wanted to share my thoughts on the book to all the entrepreneurs out there. This book provides clear, thought-provoking guidance on career planning and transformation. Definitely a good read for someone who wants to actively manage their own career or startup in today’s world. It presents lot of fresh concepts like managing yourself like a business, investing in skills and dropping old paradigms, like the 10 year plan.

From a humble beginning to Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year 2013. This young woman breaks through in Sri Lankan business world

Kudos Nimali Gunawardana!

She says: "When I first started out in business, my parents did not agree with my choice, mainly because I am a girl. In rural parts of Sri Lanka, women like me are very rare. I hope that more young women in Sri Lanka think of starting their own companies."

You are amazing Ms. Gunawardana! More power to you....


Office Politics

In India, the sexual harassment debate is on. After the brave journalist exposed the dirty mind games which go on in supposedly ethical companies, men are complaining about draconian laws and how unfair the system can be if the girl has mischief on her mind!

Consenting Adults and the Workplace

The Tarun Tejpal story reminds me of a witless team member in one of my previous assignments who had a nasty habit of commenting on everything I wore. I ignored him till one day he commented on the fit of my jeans.

I smiled and asked him if he was aware that I could file a complaint against him for sexual harassment with the Company. The snigger froze on his face. He and I had never been friends, and this did not improve our working relationship, but he at least, he stopped.

Tell her your story

Over the last some months I had seen Sheryl Sandberg the COO of Facebook featured in articles about her book Lean In. Most of them had dealt with her analysis about what stopped women from reaching their full potential in their careers. So I was curious to read the book. On one of my business travels I picked it up in Singapore airport, thinking it would make a nice read on the plane.

Meditation: the fastest way to make better decisions

Crunch time. We all know what that feels like, especially when accompanied by the need to make a decision, however big or small. It’s all stress boiling over the surface, forcing us into quick choices that may not actually be the path we want to take.

A few moments of meditation can truly alleviate this tension and allow us to follow our instinct, and make better decisions.

The Priapic Misadventures of Tarun Tejpal

Being shortlisted for the Bad Sex in Fiction award by The Guardian in 2005 should have come as a wake up call for Tarun Tejpal, the beleaguered founder & editor-in-chief of Tehelka.

Instead the priapic misadventures of Tejpal are in the press again after a female employee accused him of sexual molestation at a hotel in Goa during the ThinkFest 2013 event earlier in November.

Now the Tehelka proprietor faces a criminal investigation for alleged sexual assault and has offered to step down from the helm of the magazine ‘to do penance’ for ‘his bad lapse of judgement’.

Build a High Performing Team, Be a Leader!

My Dad always told me "Be a leader. To be a successful leader, you must have followers". You cannot be a leader without followers, true!
To be successful at your job, you need to build a power team.