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TC talks to Ben Waber about Gender Bias in the workplace

TC talks about Gender Bias with Dr. Ben Waber

Ben Waber is the CEO of President and CEO of Sociometric Solutions, a management services firm. His work centers around using real time data flows to rethink management of people, physical architecture, corporate planning, and training, among other things. Dr. Waber spoke to Anjana Nagarajan of TC about using hard data to find gender bias in the workplace.

He is also a visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab where he received his PhD in the Human Dynamics Group. His new book People Analytics, from the Financial Times Press was recently released.

TC Women at work - Surinder Dosanjh Kang and Sudnya Shroff

Discussing design details for their Spring 2014 Collection. Location Menlo Park Studio

Surinder's talent in design aesthetics combined with Sudnya's fine art have given birth to an inspirational fashion line defined by attention to detail and uncompromised quality.
Learn more at http://www.dosanjhshroff.com/

TC Women at Work - Shirin Rizvi Hasan, Director at Covidien

Director of Global Clinical Affairs for Covidien, a medical device company, Shirin designs, manages and executes clinical trials and runs the Clinical Affairs department, personnel, budget and forecasting.

The Penguin Dads or the story of real men

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with Doniger and Hindus. 

Thanks to social media, everyone and their Tiger Mom has an opinion on parenting, status of women depending on whether they work or not, gender equations etc. While I do study such social dynamics I write this not because it's an academic piece or descriptive of something that has achieved critical mass, but because it's a story of real men and one that needs to be told. 

What Works for Women at Work: Four Patterns Working Women Need to Know

When Leaning In isn't enough

Another book that looks like an interesting read for women following on from Sheryl Sandberg's Leaning In. This takes race and social class into account. Here's a review: http://www.salon.com/2014/02/19/when_leaning_in_isnt_enough_what_ive_lea...

And also an interesting video of a panel discussion of the book by the authors.

A balancing act: interstate work-life priorities

There I was. 7 months after I defended my PhD in Neuroscience, and still in lab. I had been job hunting this whole time, but only seriously for the last 2 months or so. Despite the uncertainty about my future job, one thing was for sure – I could not remain in academia. It simply was not my thing, and despite having an extremely productive and successful graduate career, I had senioritis to the core.

Shilpa Sunderraj at the The Goa Project

A few months after moving to Bangalore from California, Aneeta Madhavan of TC suggested I check out The Goa Project. I’d never heard of The Goa Project before, but after I began researching it, I made the happy discovery that Vidhya Mohankumar, an old classmate of mine, was one of the event organizers.

TC at the Goa Project

Talking Cranes is delighted to be represented at The Goa Project by Shilpa Sunderraj.
Feb 7-8th, 2014
A unique social experiment that brings dreamers across platforms together for an 'unconference' about entrepreneurship.
Shilpa will be reporting on the workshops and speakers - look out for updates on ideas and innovation through the weekend!