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TC Women at Work - Nima Srinivasan, Brand Consultant

Nima Srinivasan at work/play. She is a market researcher, brand consultant & sociologist who runs her own company Berylitics.

India's female labor force in decline

“The key stumbling block to greater participation of women in the workplace is the firm hold of patriarchy in our society,” said Irde. “The societal expectation from a modern Indian woman has not changed much and she still remains the primary care giver.”

Between 2004-05 and 2011-12, India’s female labour force participation rate declined by nearly 7 percentage points to 22.5%.

TC Women at Work - Sruthi Swaminathan, Consumer Scientist

As a Consumer Scientist at Unilever, I identify consumer needs, gauge the competitive landscape, and explore novel technology solutions for a wide range of platforms in skincare. I work with experts in academia and industry to design, execute, and interpret clinical and consumer studies which are then used to guide product development and marketing strategies.

(A)do(r)n the power, Women

Power dressing is one thing; power dressing according to your body shape is another. This Woman’s Day let us help Rahul Gandhi accomplish all his dreams about “woman empowerment” by discussing how every female shape can be the best power dresser. And believe you me ladies, empowerment begins with your wardrobe!

Let’s start with the Athletic body shape.


The Athletic Shape:

TC Women at Work - Vani Murthy, Urban Waste Management Pioneer

Vani, creating waste management awareness at a Sunday Kerb Show. She is a pioneer in her cause of waste management, home composting and terrace gardening. Vani is truly an inspiration and works tirelessly in her community and with the local government to spread her message and change habits, one person at a time.

Get to know the TC team

When Hyma Menath and Aneeta Madhavan co-founded Talking Cranes in 2011 after long careers in the publishing industry, they envisioned an online space where women of Indian heritage scattered across the globe could connect to share stories, ask questions, get support and find humor in their everyday lives.

Quite by chance, the team that eventually came together to create and shape TC as a social media site completely reflects the geographic diversity of the TC community.

TC Women at Work - Jaya Padmanabhan, Managing Editor

Jaya is a Bay Area Indian American writer and journalist. She is also the Managing Editor of India Currents. Jaya has finished her first collection of short stories and is working on her debut novel.

TC Women at Work - Anjali Singh, Food Blogger

A woman who loves her job as a home maker and being a mother of two wonderful children, I am Anjali Singh a food blogger by hobby and a joyful person at heart.

TC Women at Work - Sujatha Suresh, Event Planner

Ready set go - Event Planner Sujatha Suresh before the Scarlet Night Gala of the South Asian Heart Center in California.

The mission of the South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California is to reduce the high incidence of coronary artery disease among South Asians, and save lives, through a comprehensive, culturally-appropriate program incorporating education, advanced screening, lifestyle changes, and case management.

Learn more at https://www.southasianheartcenter.org/

TC women at work - Saumya Baijal & Ankita Anand of Aatish

Saumya Baijal & Ankita Anand of Aatish in the amphitheatre with script & daphli preparing for a performance of 'Board the Bus'.

We are an independent theatre group in New Delhi aiming to lend a voice to issues that are often marginalized. Our group believes in voicing our beliefs, and pushing the limits of expressiveness. We have done (scripted, directed and performed) many street plays for causes like anti-sedition, anti-child labour, children education, usage of solar energy and so on.