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The Art of Giving

Two years into a successful career in advertising, I realized that it wasn’t for me. The idea of spending my time creating communication about the aspirational value of things just didn’t ring true for me. So I took off in search for something more meaningful and transformative that truly changed people lives. I found it when I first visited the Sanjan Nagar School in 1996.

2 Secrets of Memorable Presentations

Matt Abrahams shares two secrets to making a better presentation. Matt is a a Stanford lecturer and expert on public speaking and explains how to manage anxiety and deliver a talk smoothly.


Talking Crane of the Month - Kavita Roy

Kavita Roy moved to the UK to be with her husband and his cats - all two of them and not even exotic wild ones at that! Joining the moggies in her in-house menagerie are a son, two bunnies and a stick insect. Kavita writes for TC on women's issues and feminism, and has, she says, the makings of an excellent journalist, being quite opinionated and rather fond of armchair criticism, but mostly friendly!!

Women Power in Washington DC

Take a look at this list of the 10 most powerful women in DC and you will see the names of Tulsi Gabbard and Neera Tanden!. Kudos ladies!


What an unsung hero! Jadav Molai single-handedly plants a 1,360-acre forest

This is the story of heroic proportions. Just goes to show that one person CAN make a difference.

A little more than 30 years ago, a teenager named Jadav "Molai" Payeng began burying seeds along a barren sandbar near his birthplace in northern India's Assam region to grow a refuge for wildlife. Not long after, he decided to dedicate his life to this endeavor, so he moved to the site so he could work full-time creating a lush new forest ecosystem. Incredibly, the spot today hosts a sprawling 1,360 acres of jungle that Payeng planted — single-handedly.

The Ugly Indian makes India lovely again!

This is neighborhood watch at its best. An anonymous group that call themselves The Ugly Indian is transforming filthy neighborhoods into oases of cleanliness. This is how ordinary citizens can reclaim public spaces. Take a look at these amazing transformations - simply inspiring!


Leadership Presence

Ever since I started working in the corporate environment almost fifteen years ago, I have been curious about many questions. Is skill more important than the attitude? How to create and sustain high performing teams? What truly motivates a person? How to get various departments to function in alignment towards one objective? I keep looking for answers in my everyday experiences.

One such question for me has been “what creates powerful leadership presence?”

Proportion of Indian women in senior rank below global average

The representation of Indian women in senior company positions is 14 per cent, below the global average 24 per cent.


TC Women at Work - Padma & Rajji - Farm Educators & Seed Experts

Padma & Rajji - farm educators & seed experts at Annadanna Seed Bank, Bangalore holding the fruits of their labor; delicious brandy-wine tomatoes (which are almost extinct) and cherry red tomatoes called Peasant.

Learn more at : http://annadana-india.org/about-us/

TC Women at Work - Anita Ramamurthy, Intrepid Traveler

Anita Ramamurthy is an accomplished photographer and hiker who creates amazing photo montages of her intrepid travels at home and abroad.

Read about her adventures in Alaska: http://talkingcranes.com/blog/my-alaskan-adventure