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TC Enterprise with Kiran Mazumdar  Shaw

TC Enterprise with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, founder & CEO - Biocon Ltd, Bangalore, India, tells TC her views on women in leadership in the business world.

Sangeeta Sundaram on becoming an entrepreneur

TC Enterprise - with Sangeeta Sundaram

Sangeeta Sundaram, co-founder of Nucleus Insights, shares her thoughts on the path to entrepreneurship.

Nucleus Insights is a successful Mumbai-based consultancy which works with teams or organizations in various industries across the globe to facilitate organizational change. Their three key areas of focus are organizational transformation, corporate culture and leadership development. 

Sangeeta traces the genesis of the company, providing insight into its evolution from concept to creation. 

Nima Srinivasan - TC's Crane of the Month

In her own words...

I am someone who likes to understand what makes people tick. Until it drives me to a point where it makes better sense to focus my energy on food, drink or a Buzzfeed list.

TC Enterprise with Annabel Bayer

TC Enterprisexx        enterprising women lean in

Business Process Engineer HP Global Procurement
Information Technology & Services, Hewlett Packard, India


In India, a billion people are ending the annual high festivals of Navratri and Diwali. Enthusiastic people there worship Devi in all her forms, Devi being the personification of the divine, feminine creative energy in Hinduism. The same celebration of the feminine halves of the human whole, the yin of the eternal yin-yang, however, does not seem to percolate from the arena of faith to reach the zeitgeist of today’s workforce.

The Frozen Egg Perquisite: A Better Answer

I got on the train to London Paddington at 6:55 AM on Wednesday, bound for an all-day meeting at the Department for International Development.  As I settled into my seat, someone handed me a newspaper.  From the front page I learned of the newest gender fiasco in the workplace:  Facebook and Apple are now offering to pay for freezing the ova of their female employees.

Giving women employees the option to freeze eggs: a management case of "Individualization" in recognition

I have been pondering the decision of Apple and Facebook to pay for female employees' egg freezing. This seems to be a rather visionary decision and a potential game-changing and maybe controversial one for both women and families.

An Interview with Lakshmi Grama

TC Enterprisexx        enterprising women lean in

Acting Associate Director Office of Dissemination and Digital Communications 
Office of Communications and Public Liaison, National Cancer Institute (NIH).

TC talks to Professor  Anne Trefethen, Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford versity

Professor Anne Trefethen talks to TC about Women & Leadership

Professor Anne Trefethen, CIO & Pro Vice Chancellor of Oxford University talks to TC about why she chose to become a computer scientist and how women can become collaborative leaders and team builders in the workplace.

Crane of the Month - Liz Scully

Liz Scully spent 20 years working in film post production in London, New York and Los Angeles, won Emmys and Baftas and has been nominated for Oscars. But after working with extremely talented but tense individuals on tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, she realised she needed to take a deep breath and refocus. So she did. Today, as CEO of Rethink Retreats, Liz helps people focus, find passion in their careers and realise their potential.