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Three 'Grooming Products' My Husband Loves


I wouldn't dare call these items beauty products for fear he may go cave man style and not care at all about how he smelled, looked or felt SO for the purposes of this post we shall call them male grooming products!

Jean Paul Gaultier's Indian 'gypsy' bride


Only an avant-garde thinker / designer like Jean Paul Gaultier would have the token bride at the end of his couture show, lift up her “ghagra” on the ramp, only to reveal four adorable little “Indian gypsy princesses” hiding underneath, wearing frilled ghagras, ethnic Indian jewelry and bindis. Of course, the four then took to the ramp to much applause as their “mother”, the bride, walked beaming behind them.

Professional Wardrobe Essentials

Chetna Mehrotra for MissMalini.com

Every work day, our to-do lists start with what do I wear? Whether a boardroom meeting, an official lunch or just another day at work, different occasions demand a different cluster of color, pattern and style.

Shirts, skirts and suits always figure in a list of work essentials – unless of course, you are among those here on our Indian subcontinent whose staple office wear is Indian attire. So how about giving it a thought as well?

LLTO - Daughter likes to wear bling

Q. I see all these young women wear 'chamki' bollywood blouses and sarees.  Everything looks the same - Turqouise or pink with a glitter. How do I get my daughters to try traditional handwoven  sarees for the occasions when they wear sarees - 6 times a year?  For me there is nothing as graceful as a chanderi, kantha, patola, kanjeevaram, banarasi saree.

Winterize your skin

Cold weather does really, really bad things to your self image. Suddenly your skin loses the warm tones that late summer bestowed. Instead, your arms emerge from their sleeves looking ashen, flaky and if you are anything like me, with a fine network of drought-earth cracks.

Cold weather outside, and heated interiors both work to deplete moisture from your skin. Soap and cleansers strip away oils that lock mositure in. Hot showers in winter further dry out your skin, and you can end up chap lipped and cracked of skin in very short order. 

Sikh-Chic with Jean Paul Gaultier


Wild guy, Jean Paul Gaultier is yet another international fashion giant who has looked to India for inspiration. This time he chose the masculine rugged look from the Sikh community. Check out what he came up with in his spring-summer 2013 collection for men. Using the raw, unapologetically masculine soul of the North Indian community, Gaultier mixes it up with his own personal edge in a more sophisticated set up for spring.

Miss Malini

Tapu ki Dukan (Tapu's Shop)

A miracle moment.... in a bustling mall, with the best fashion stores beckoning invitingly, Ms. Shop-Till-You-Drop-Daughter declares that she’s done with buying clothes!!!!