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Treasure Island

Cousins, chai and a closet full of vintage sarees, fabrics and outfits. A recipe for the ultimate laid-back afternoon that transported us  to another time. The venue, my cousin, powerhouse actress and fellow malang Nadia Jamil's cosy guest room where, she, Gull and I drifted through her most treasured and magnificent collection. 
The Armpit Song

Getting ready

This is really funny but also kind of telling, don't you think? Like the title, the armpit song!

credit: www.upworthy.com

Make Up for Work

Introducing Pallavi Symons - Make Up Expert. - If you mix all colors what do you get? The color brown. Which is why every color looks great on us.

The Unexpected Joys of the Ladies Queue

Liz Scully

I am a big fan of the Ladies queue. Not the queue for the toilets, oh no, this is a special line for ladies, so they’re not rubbing up against (and more importantly jostled) by uncouth men.

Indians are generally very polite people and they are particularly careful and polite to visiting ladies.

Although there are very notable exceptions at train stations – where fleecing visitors and pinching ladies abounds. But generally a very polite nation.

Beauty School: Tender Coconut, more than just water!

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the
words “tender coconut”?

The cool, refreshing tender coconut water that has been quenching our summer thirst for years right?

Now discover how its other parts – the tender coconut meat, better known as malai - are beneficial to us in some unique ways.

Summer Brightens in White


It's summer again and pastel shades are back!  Linen and cotton are the fabric of the season. Breezy pale hues take over the dull greys and browns of winter.


My personal choice however is  white - pure, pristine, lacy and innocent!

A pair of crisp, white linen trousers or a white lacy, sheer blouse. Nothing can beat the color so loved by the Greek gods and goddesses.


Shyamal & Bhumika

TC interviews Indian design duo Shyamal&Bhumika

They unveil their summer 2013 bridal show in NYC and NJ  this weekend. Email couture@shyamalbhumika.com to get invited. Or call 732.641.3366 its free & open to all

Some of their stunning outfits!

Baby Girl's Nursery Makeover

We went with a soft grey colour on the walls before we found out if it was a girl or boy because I knew either way I wanted a colour I wouldn't get sick of and that they could grow into and I LOVE Grey! So the dark blue walls of my husbands "guitar/music room" were painted over.

Once we found out it was a girl we decided on the theme of grey, white and bling :) This was the theme on the main day of our wedding at our reception and since baby girl was originally due ON our 1 year anniversary I thought it was only fitting.