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Sunglasses and how to choose them

I've always loved sunglasses and I think they are a very important accessory apart from playing a protective role for the eyes. The most popular designs are the classics such as "Jackie-O" oversized, Ray-ban wayfarers and aviators. It's easy to default to the "safe" choices but you can make your sunglasses a bit fun and a part of your look too. Sunglasses make a style statement and give you that little "extra" that adds to your overall look.

Empowering or appeasing? The Sari Story

Read this lady's story of her relationship with her sari.


In her article, Sohini Chattopadhyay talks about the boons of wearing a sari at the workplace: women are liked better, treated better, respected better.

One Sikh Snowman

Happy Winter to everyone! Here is a unique take on the Snowman! Love it!


Aziz Ansari's Saris Make A Great Holiday Gift

All new Aziz Ansari sarees!

Looking for a one-of-a-kind designer gift this holiday season?
US comic Aziz Ansari has some custom-designed sarees for the ladies!

The Orientalist - by the House of Kamiar Rokni

Set sail on a voyage of the exotic east, with ‘The Orientalist’, the new collection by The House of Kamiar Rokni, to be unveiled at the at the finale of the PFDC L’ Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2013. Inspired by the fascination of the west with the exotic east  and the ‘Orientalist’ pai

Mucho Grande in Venezuela

The unnatural idea of perfect beauty in Venezuela has women mortgaging their homes for plastic surgery...You have to see it to believe it.


From the New York Times and shared on Upworthy!

What a colossal waste!

In these troubled & difficult times, a million dollar swimsuit is such a vulgar waste ...



I like diamonds. I really do. But give me a shimmering sapphire or a serene aquamarine and I’ll trade you all my highly complex carbons!

I can peer into the depths of a diamond with my eye lens and evaluate it, but place a luscious ruby or a neon peridot in my hand and watch me sing as it dances! Gemstones have personalities of their own and wearing them gives us a chance to live in those colorful worlds of myriad possibilities.

Desi Fashion Trends - Har Ek Style Zaroori Hota Hai!

'Twas the best of times ....

During my last trip to India, I went giddy headed with the freedom of choice, because the fashion scene in India, is at that delicious phase, where 'sab kuch chalta hai'!

Rewind to a time, when every time you hit your Maatru Bhoomi, the first thing you checked out was, what the style, cut, color & trends were for that season. Churidars, Salwars, or Patialas, long or short kurtas, lose or comfort fit, straight pants with kurtis, for the fusion look, short cotton blouses, with drawstring ethnic trousers or harem pants ...