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The Work-Home Balance!

Five powerful women on how to juggle family and work ...


Maid Of Honour

I was at a government office yesterday. I had taken the day off my work and traveled to this other city to get some documentation done. If you have been to one of the district level offices in India, you would know the conditions there and the pace at which things move. Such offices are great levelers. There is where we encounter true humanness. Everyone has to wait outside in hot humid conditions and a lucky one can get a chance to share some space on a small wooden bench.

My sister's journey

My sister Sangita is bright, disciplined, determined, independent, organized, courageous and strong willed. She's been that way since childhood. Growing up, Sangita never made any of us feel she lacked what her sisters took for granted – our eyesight.


Kannamma came into my parent's home ten years ago. Her job was to sweep the courtyard and throw the leaves into the compost pit in our yard. She also worked as a sweeper in a few other places. On my annual visits home, I rarely noticed Kannamma or even interacted with her.

But that changed as I returned to visit my parents more often over the last three years. Initially, I could not stand her - Kannamma loves to talk whether or not you're listening or even interested. I attributed her chatter to her age and mostly ignored her.

Celebrating Women

Single - in India... over 25... women and their families face a lot of unwarranted attention and discrimination. Breaking the walls of traditional biases is the family of Suruchi...

What's in a Name?

The lady at the visa counter for The Czeck Republic was quite chatty as she processed my papers. When she was done, she remarked, “You know, you are one of the few Indian women I know who has taken her husband’s surname."

I smiled at her and said, "Well, he is a great guy, so I don’t mind at all."

for anjana and sonia

They share a birthday.. they share a special place in my life..my dearest friends Anjana and Sonia. Born on the 4th of march ,this is to tell them what a world of a difference they have made in my life.
Anjana came to school when we were in 4th grade.She breezed in with her sense of optimism and charm. Behind that nonstop chatter and jumpy crack actions, was this sensitive ,warm friend ever ready to help and hug .I remember how she was the first friend who gave me a birthday surprise ,when we were in grade 7- it was a book-Peanuts by Charles Schultz ...delightful..