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Why do most women request God for the same husband in their next life?

Because efforts taken to train him in this life should not go to waste!!!

Why this Kolaveri We?

Who are we? What religion do we follow and who is our God? Why do we have wars, why do innocent children have to suffer because of the wars? Why is there abundance at some places while at others people wither away and die? How much is enough? Who decides what is acceptable and considered good and why does everyone need to live by that?

India is no country for single women!

India is no country for single women according to this BBC article. Even more interesting was the response to this piece. Looks like the world is no place for single women or for that matter men too!


And if you want to read the responses, here is the link:


Photo credit BBC News


The Rest Of The World Speaks In Sentences.

Only Moms Talk In Paragraphs!!!

PS: My friend added, 'Wives too!!!'

Of Work and Freedom

I saw the movie The Help a month or so ago, for the second time. Definitely a good watch again, interesting, well structured, well scripted, and with well essayed roles. My first viewing had been against the backdrop of all the noise and hype that usually accompanies awards ceremonies, where it had featured brightly and prominently, bagging a few trophies. But my scepticism was blown away; The Help, was all it was touted to be, a well made film with a solid subject and story.

"My husband lets me do what I want to."

You know women still have a long way to go when you hear them say,

"My husband lets me do what I want to."


Countries Where Men Do Housework

No surprise here, that Indian menfolk do some of the least housework in the world ....


From Miss to Mrs...

Often, people take it for granted that marrying the person you love makes the transition from Miss to Mrs very easy.  I do agree with this sentinment to some extent, but the fact is even love marriages come with their share of adjustments and responsibilities.

Living Between Despair & Hope ...

Prayers, Crossed Fingers, Hope ... for all on board MH 370 & their families.

A heart rending account of the agony & despair of the family of one of the passengers ....