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I woke up with a spring in my step!

I woke up with a spring in my step.
Cheerfully greeted my better half and rushed to make his morning cuppa.
So much to do, so decided to give Facebook a miss ....
Opted to make a wholesome, South Indian meal, much to the delight of Miya and to keep the Beti happy, some Italian khaana too.
Made a resolution not to post sarcastic jokes. Only good, positive stuff from now on!
Clearing my cupboard right now and have decided that I have too many clothes and don't need anymore!
Counting my blessings ...
what more can I ask for in life?

Grandmother's Tales...or Pearls of Wisdom

Many a time I've dismissed what my grandmother had to say.

"Biji, you are very old fashioned. I belong to the modern age and all these things don't make sense."

I've even dismissed the little pearls of wisdom my mother tried to give me, assuring her that I was a mature and confident woman, capable of handling all that life threw at me.  

"Mom, I know how to make lemonade from the lemons life throws at me. And better still, with added tequila, I can swing past all curve balls. Don't worry!!" 

Grandmother's Pearls of Wisdom

Dedicated to mothers and grandmothers everywhere......
And now I see life go a full circle
Parenthood, I always wonder
Days of soaring high and sometimes under
Love, joy and sometimes anxiety
I always wondered why Mom didn't take things lightly
Dos and donts, can'ts and won'ts
All made me sigh and moan 
" u will remember my words one day for sure",
" when your own kids make u scream and roar "
Mom I remember these words quite clearly
Little pearls of wisdom that now I wear dearly!!!

Top 10 amazing animal mothers!

From jaw-dropping sacrifices to super-pregnancies, some mothers in nature do anything for their offspring. Earth Unplugged reveals the world’s most impressive animal mums.


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there ...

Mine, Yours & Everyone's ...

Not a Museum, just a Home...

Clumps of white shaving foam dotted with freshly trimmed mustache and beard from Papa's hurried morning routine; 

chunks of spent toothpaste clinging desperately to the sink dodging the attempts by a four year old to send it away; 

long strands of scraggly dark hair swirling about on the bathroom floor after a rushed morning brushing; 

hand soap, lotion and toothpaste tubes desperately longing closure; 

carelessly tossed little shirts and socks speckling the floor after missing the wide-open laundry hamper.

Women's Day ... Everyday!!!

It was a blast celebrating International Women's Day!

But isn't everyday, Women's Day?;-)

5 Sexist Rules In Some Tamilnadu Engineering Colleges ...

I studied in an all-girls college in Chennai, Tamilnadu & still had a blast & so much freedom, that too, years ago!

This is shocking, especially in a State ruled by a woman!


Why women don't serve food at the Hague Summit ...

Women are not allowed to serve food at the Hague Summit,

'in case men get distracted'!!!!

Uffffffff ......