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Tribute to my Grandma

You combed my hair, and fluffed my dress
And each new day, my head you’d bless
You read to me a thousand times
The Red Balloon” and my favorite rhymes

When I was sad, you wiped my tears
Your voice like music to my ears
A whole new meaning to life you gave
Your face, a vision, forever to save

Your magnanimous heart will forever be
The one that taught me humility
No money, or riches or pots of gold
Could ever replace you in the world!

Pssssssst ....

Husbands are the best people to share your secrets with.

They will never tell anyone ....

because they never listen anyway!

Irrepressible Innovator

Early Sunday morning
Coffee on my mind
I wander into the kitchen
Ignoring the buzzing child.

"Mama, I need dirty undies,
Dirty socks, dirty shirt, and lots of paper.
Oh, some soap and towel too.
I'm going to first look in the hamper."

The Wait

Every evening she would sit at the Kitchen window. Sometimes cradling a cold cup of tea, sometimes biting into a soggy shortcake. After finishing the chores of the day, moving away from mindless chatter, watching some lifeless characters with incomprehensible stories on the television, emerging from an imaginative world of ink, words and pages, when her eyes itched. She would wait, in sweet anticipation, at that Kitchen window.

Raising Rugrats

Two daughters and 20 years later here I am reeling from the vicissitudes of child rearing. Raising a child from infancy to adulthood and educating that child, as well as instilling morals and values, guiding that child through their life to be productive members of society …child rearing encompasses all of this and more.