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6 Ways to Intelligent Fitness

S and I (S here is the husband, not Sundaram-that’s my dad) have had an active lifestyle for many years now. We went to the gym, swam or played a game of badminton to keep ourselves active and fit. But sometime towards November 2014 we started feeling that we wanted to move a notch higher. We weren’t keen on signing up for a marathon like most do, because we wanted to look at fitness more holistically. Around the same time we got to know about Puru the Guru from a friend of ours.

Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: My first Life Coach - My Father

In my work as a coach, I have noticed the important influence of role models in shaping people’s lives, including their work ethic. Parents are usually the key role models, or it could be a favorite teacher, uncle or a grandmother.

Role models influence our attitude towards work, what values we hold dear, how we make decisions, or resolve conflict. I also observed, that people are unconsciously and powerfully influenced by their role models, often more than expert advice from other sources.

Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: Happiness Habits

What makes people happy?

Success, money, power and love. What else?

Happiness is now a well-established topic in the scientific and social research community.  Some of the research is investigating the ancient traditions of wellbeing.

A lot has been found about happiness. The best news from researchers is that happiness can be ‘cultivated’. Here are some ways to live happier, as suggested by research and traditional wisdom.


Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: Tackling Obstacles

Do you give up easily? Do you blame yourself? Do you think things cannot change?

Obstacles are not something we talk about when we discuss achievement. Yet, how you deal with your obstacles is just what determines whether you fail or succeed!

A Change is Coming

My husband once observed that I ascribe my bad behavior and unpleasant physical changes to the ‘woman’ baggage I carry. There is always something happening in my life - sometimes it is pre-menstrual, other times post menstrual symptoms;  pregnancy blues or postpartum depression; fatigue and irritability because children were young, or panic attacks that they are all grown now; full house stress and empty nest pains. He claims I seldom have normal days, and I blame my mood swings, weight loss/gain, changes in skin/hair, even attitude on hormonal issues.

Meanderings - Seema Buckshee on Margarita with a Straw

Have you seen “Margherita with a straw”?

Please go watch the film if you haven’t already. It’s a good story, very well told and manages to focus, in a world spinning with abnormality, loss, betrayal and death, on the utter universality of the human condition.

Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: The Age of Stress

Stress has become so pervasive that many of us think stress is unavoidable. Or is it?

We experience stress everyday – drivers honking on the road, angry outbursts at workplace, and cranky kids at home. Stress has become a part of our normal everyday life.

The Mind Body Equation

I watched my son through the rear view mirror as he grinned and laughed.  He tried out new words over and over again, studying his reflection with the glee of meeting a friend with his own face.  I glanced at my eyes in the mirror- my brows unplucked, skin that could use some scrubbing and make up, hair falling out of my last-ditch bun. Sigh!  What a mess.

Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: Steps to balance your Lifestyle

What are you missing in life when you are trying to have it all?

Living a full life requires the skills of a circus juggler and the equipoise of a monk. How can we make it easier?

This is a true story.

One morning, a musician played the violin outside the Metro station at Washington DC. During the 45 minutes he played, only 7 people of the 1000-odd people who passed by, stopped to listen to him. He collected $32.

When he finished playing, only one woman, who had recognized him, went up to him and said hello.

The Frozen Egg Perquisite: A Better Answer

I got on the train to London Paddington at 6:55 AM on Wednesday, bound for an all-day meeting at the Department for International Development.  As I settled into my seat, someone handed me a newspaper.  From the front page I learned of the newest gender fiasco in the workplace:  Facebook and Apple are now offering to pay for freezing the ova of their female employees.