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I am enough

Admit it. We are all insecure. Even the most confident, most self-assured, most successful people amongst us are insecure - they just happen to mask it better than the rest of us. Whether it’s about our physical appearances or certain aspects of our character, whether it’s our academic progress or our talents and skills, the Demon of Insecurity has without fail, always found a way to haunt and torture us.

Adoption Support Group: SuDatta

SuDatta - Adoption Support Groups

Lakshmi Rebecca of Chaii with Lakshmi talks meets the Gynecologist and Pediatrician couple who established Bangalore’s only Adoption Support Group, SuDatta, after having adopted themselves. Find out what having an adoption support group means to adoptee parents and children.

And meet Vishaka, the couple’s daughter, who’s now a bright young college student and an active supporter of SuDatta.

SuDatta’s work is inspiring, necessary and voluntary.

Find out more at http://sudatta.org/

"Women having sex should be hanged!"

It just gets worse everyday.

After Mulayam Singh's appeal on behalf of rapists, dismissing rape as a mistake & fondly declaring that
'Boys will be Boys, after all" ...

we have the Samajvadi Party's Chief, Abu Azmi's, shocking statement, that "women having sex should be hanged!"

Combine the two regressive views and what we learn from these two future leaders of Mera Bharat Mahan is:

"Don't Hang/Punish the rapists.

Hang/Punish the women who commit the crime of getting raped!"

Bali - The Island Life

Have you ever lived in a dynamic, multicultural region where you never know what to expect from one day to the next? That’s Bali. And that’s one of the reasons my family and I moved to this tropical paradise. We wanted our kids to experience living in a culture and environment that is amazingly different from North America (specifically, Canada). Oh ya, we also moved because my partner is a surfer and Bali has some of the best waves in the world!!! Being originally from India, I also wanted my children to experience Asian culture(s), as well as travel to India as often as we can.