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Empowering Women to Become Persons

At a friend’s wedding anniversary party, I got into a conversation with Nancy, whom I had just met. We soon arrived at a topic on which few women agree what it means: Feminism.

Nancy said, she adored the Gloria Steinem brand of feminism which asks women to exercise their freedom to choose whatever they wished to do with their lives. Nancy had happily chosen to be a stay-at-home mom and later a part-time worker to be able to raise her children.

My First Lesson In Kindness And Gratefulness

Fresh air, loads of space to run around and play, hours of playing cricket with coconut leaf stalks for a bat, afternoons spent exploring our huge farm, chasing insects, petting cats, evenings spent watching cartoon network for hours together, gulping down hot and steaming delicacies cooked with gallons of love by granny, mummy and aunts (Whoever said too many hands spoil the broth?!) creating absolute chaos at the dinning table—all of this with the best of friends God simply gave you ready made— your cousins!


In India, a billion people are ending the annual high festivals of Navratri and Diwali. Enthusiastic people there worship Devi in all her forms, Devi being the personification of the divine, feminine creative energy in Hinduism. The same celebration of the feminine halves of the human whole, the yin of the eternal yin-yang, however, does not seem to percolate from the arena of faith to reach the zeitgeist of today’s workforce.

Thirty Years On...

I am a proud Sikh but the 1984 riots are not something I try to think much about. This month, Kultar’s Mime, a play based on Sikh poet Sarabpreet Singh’s poem was presented in New York City. It was a simple production. A series of paintings of the pogrom with key incidents and people who feature in the narrative was the main backdrop . Five caucasian students narrated and acted out the parts of the four innocents who were caught up in the violence.

It disturbed me deeply and brought back unwanted memories. Of bewilderment, grief, hate, bitterness and guilt.

The Happiness Project

Ask yourself if you are happy and you cease to be" - John Stuart Mill

The girl effect: The clock is ticking

The Girl Effect

Today October 11 is the "International Day of the Girl Child". This year the theme of the International Day of the Girl Child is empowering adolescent girls.

It is all too common for girls to be denied control over their bodies, denied the freedom to think and learn, denied the choice to marry or to procreate. Girls are exploited simply because they are young and female.

Motherhood on my terms - Ishu Krishna

As told to Swathi Raman.


The decision…

Suddenly, it hit me.  One day I woke up and I was thirty.

A Male Gaze: My friend, Dr. Mahalakshmi

I don’t remember when Dr. Mahalakshmi first came into my life. She detests being called Doctor, but I’m unable to change an old habit. She moved into our neighborhood while I was a law student and she a professor at the Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College in Salem. It took Dr. M a while to get acquainted with our neighborhood because she was so introverted, but eventually, at some point, she became close to my parents.

My daughter's homework & me

In a recent PTM, I was reviewing the teacher's assessment of my more artistic, head-in-the-clouds daughter who is having some of that flakiness sandpapered by CBSE rigor. The teacher kept talking about how she needed to "copy faster" and when I heard that the fourth time, I said - "I get it. She needs to write faster. But what about concepts, does she understand them? Does she ask questions? Does she care to learn?" 

Why I decided to become a Primal Posture teacher

My LinkedIn profile states that I am a teacher for Primal Posture. This is intriguing to many. I am the first person in India to be certified to teach the Gokhale Method ™, and teach a set of techniques on Primal Posture. I get asked what is Primal Posture? Is there such a field of expertise? Can that even be a profession? How can you be a posture teacher? Can you teach such a thing? While we are familiar with sports therapists, physio therapists, chiropractic etc, there is very little awareness about posture, and how it can benefit and help in alleviating physical pain.