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2014 - With a Perspective; bhavani

bhavani - Travel Blogger

What my travels in 2014 taught me

2014 - With a Perspective; Swathi Raman

Swathi Raman - Musician

2014 was the year of the last straw for me - a barrage of personal and professional conflicts came my way, until I couldn't take any more. Then, I came upon the idea of meditation.

2014 - With a Perspective; Uma Kaushik

Uma Kaushik - Dil Se

A few months back, my father passed away. A week later my mother, an absolute rock star and one of the strongest women I know defied ‘death do us apart’ and decided that after a 60 year old relationship, she could not imagine life without Appa, simply lost the will to live and left this world serenely to join my Dad. I felt devastated, orphaned & let me admit, even betrayed. This is the worst thing that could happen to anyone, I thought.

2014 - With a Perspective; Gayatri Sekar

Gayatri Sekar - Molecular Biologist.

As a year, 2014 has been full of truth. Not just because I moved back to deal with important aspects of my life I’ve been running from for years, but because I learned to heal myself with love. It is the year I’ve learned conviction in my truth.

Amy Reilly - TC's Crane of the month

In a nutshell

I am a mother of three who enjoys books, friends and great food. I grew up in Oklahoma, then SoCal and am now quite settled in the Bay Area, CA. I watch a lot of youth sports but have to coerce myself into exercise.


Yes, They Are Worth Believing In

I do not dream of big houses and fancy cars…

I dream of a happy family, a small pretty home and an okay car


I do not dream of exhilarating happiness

I dream of finding and believing in that Undying Flicker of joy in me; even during the darkest of times, for now I know, that when it’s time for dawn it’s that Flicker which becomes the Sun…


I do not dream of making it big in my career ladder

I dream of pursuing my passions to my heart’s content…


I do not dream of a conventional, well-settled life

What Could Uber Do?

I've never felt safe in Delhi. Not since back in the 90s when a colleague and I were followed, offered lifts, had bikes stopping to hassle us - all in the space of a 15 minute walk from our office to hotel at 5am in the morning. There was a large bus terminus and we stopped to seek help - not one agreed. Finally a cycle-rickshaw took pity on us and took us to the hotel for an exorbitant sum. Before you think that's only Delhi, I've been followed by a cab that tried to ram into my car at 11pm on old Airport Road in Bangalore, driving home from work.

We Are Angry

India’s rape crisis inspires new way of storytelling

Two years ago a swell of revulsion spread across India, and the world, as details emerged about the barbaric gang-rape in New Delhi on December 16, 2012. Revulsion had quickly ruptured into anger with outpourings of grief, protests, memorials and debates.

Then came reports of a 5-year-old girl who faced a similar fate. And another.

Do Not Chase Your Dreams

At a recent Literary event in NYC, I was on a panel with ‘celebrities’ to discuss the digital medium and how it impacts one’s writing and voice. Don’t ask me how and why I was on the panel; my guess is that the organizer took pity on me.

As I sat there listening to the celebrated bunch I thought of what I had lost. In my new ‘career’ life, I am a nobody, and no one cares about my opinion.