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Dear US Government, I can save you millions of dollars

A 14 year old boy Suvir Mirchandani from Pittsburgh has come up with an easy way for the government to save millions. All they have to do is change a font. And it all started for a school science fair...


The Mahabharat - In 36 Tweets!

Epic tweets, no pun intended: Mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik re-tells the Mahabharata in 36 tweets.


Aussie builders shouting out empowering statements to women??? LOL!

It is a snicker's ad but too funny. I wish it were really true. What a great world it would be then!


Mallika, For President:-)

Rakhi Sawant to contest elections from Mumbai.

Mallika Sherawat, in keeping with her stature & accent, will run for the US president's job!!!

5 Sexist Rules In Some Tamilnadu Engineering Colleges ...

I studied in an all-girls college in Chennai, Tamilnadu & still had a blast & so much freedom, that too, years ago!

This is shocking, especially in a State ruled by a woman!


The Indian Princess Who Spied For Britain ...

Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan, an Indian-origin woman who spied for Britain in occupied France during the Second World War and was captured, tortured and executed by the Germans, is being honoured by the Royal Mail with a special stamp issued tomorrow in her memory.

The Royal Mail said: “She was posthumously awarded the French Croix de Guerre and the British George Cross, one of only three women to receive the latter award for service during the Second World War.”

Entertaining Elections 2014:-) It happens only in India!!!

Bless you, Jayalalitha Amma, Chief Minister, Tamilnadu, riding a wave of popularity that could take her AIADMK party’s seat count to 27, according to one survey, potentially casting her in a new role as National Powerbroker., for a hearty laugh!

The image of Obama & Kim-Jong-un, Putin, among others, applauding you ... priceless!!!

It happens only in India!!!

PS: Is it my imagination, or has Amma been delicately photoshopped?!

Panchayat bans jeans for girls & use of DJ's at weddings!!!

How jobless can you get!

So much to and so little time & all these Panchayats can do is focus on rubbish like no use of DJ's for weddings (?!@#$^&) & banning girls from wearing jeans!!!

Hema Malini, stop selling Kent Purifier, roll up your sleeves and make your election campaign about stopping such cartoons from airing their worthless views!



Photo of a chimp bottle feeding a leopard cub and later hugging it,
just brought the Internet to a standstill!