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Indian Supreme Court recognized transgender people as a third gender

India's Supreme Court has recognized transgender people as a third gender, in a landmark ruling.

"Transgenders are also citizens of India" and they must be "provided equal opportunity to grow", the court said. The judges asked the government to treat them in line with other minorities officially categorized as "socially and economically backward", to enable them to get quotas in jobs and education.


India-born poet Vijay Seshadri wins 2014 Pulitzer Prize!

India-born poet Vijay Seshadri has won the prestigious 2014 Pulitzer Prize in the poetry category for his collection of poems "3 Sections.".


Ha ha ha ....

Meanwhile somewhere in Tamilnadu, someone was tightening up the system, by loosening their briefs:-))))

Talking Crane of the Month - Annabel Bayer

In her perfect world, Annabel Bayer would be a ballerina, writer, painter, musician, philosopher, explorer, chef, wine-taster, all in one!
"If I had my way" she says, "every day would be an adventure!"

But for now, Annabel works as a Business Process Engineer at Hewlett-Packard and is happy to be realizing one of those dreams as a writer! In addition to book and movie reviews Annabel writes on lifestyle and worklife balance for TC.

In her words....

I’m an old soul with a young heart! I’d rather be alone than with the wrong company.

No calls from boss, after 6pm!

In France, you can now legally ignore boss's calls and emails, after 6pm!

Time to move to France:-)


"Women having sex should be hanged!"

It just gets worse everyday.

After Mulayam Singh's appeal on behalf of rapists, dismissing rape as a mistake & fondly declaring that
'Boys will be Boys, after all" ...

we have the Samajvadi Party's Chief, Abu Azmi's, shocking statement, that "women having sex should be hanged!"

Combine the two regressive views and what we learn from these two future leaders of Mera Bharat Mahan is:

"Don't Hang/Punish the rapists.

Hang/Punish the women who commit the crime of getting raped!"


"Don't hang rapists, rape is a mistake. Boys will be boys after all" - Mulayam Singh
Mulayam Singh backing rapists, has to be the lowest point of Elections 2014!

R.I.P Archie Andrews!

As a kid and even as a young adult, a stack of Archie comics, was my idea of good times.
Nothing lasts forever ... not even Archie Andrews:-)

Sequel to 'How I Met Your Mother':-))))

India to air a sequel to
'How I Met Your Mother',
in which Yuddhistra explains to his children, how he lost their mom, in a game of dice ...
'How I Bet Your Mother!!!'