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Kultar’s Mime - Interview With Sarbpreet Singh

Sarbpreet Singh was a young Sikh in India when the brutal government sponsored violence against the Sikhs took place after the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi in 1984. His poem Kultar’s Mime is about the lives of four young innocent children caught up in the violence of those days.

Why did you write Kultar’s Mime ?

Dear Cleavage: Gayatri Sekar's ironic take on the Deepika Padukone Vs The Times of India row

I hear you’ve been in the news a lot, lately. Just flashing yourself obscenely, belonging to people, being photographed. Is this the right way for a cleavage to behave? I know, I know. You’re just looking for compliments. When I am looking at your picture with a caption that says ‘OMG, Look, it’s a cleavage!’, I am thinking up delicious compliments I can pay you. ‘Awesome being, Cleavage!’ ‘Double Trouble, Cleavage!’ ‘Peek-a-boo, Cleavage!’… are a few mediocre examples.

swadesi- Laaj Watte Kai

Laaj Waate Kai?

Just found this online. Powerful messaging, and a relatable video.

babul jiya

Urging you to support Shubha Mudgal

I am ashamed to hear that Shubha Mudgal, the great legend of Hindustani Classical music, was "threatened" by a pro-Modi supporter (also a board member) for her anti-Modi stance, right before her concert in the Bay area on JUne 1st. In reality, she had signed a petition urging the public to vote for a secular candidate. She was also accused of being anti-Hindu. Since when did the anti-Modi views equate to anti-Hindu views and what does it even mean for a Hindu to be Anti-Hindu?

"Malgudi Days" are here again

If you are a fan of R K Narayan or you watched Indian TV in the late 80's, Malgudi Days was probably your favorite series. You can now visit that idyllic little town again on You Tube.

Malgudi Days is a collection of short stories by R. K. Narayan published in 1943. The book includes 19 stories, all set in the fictional town of Malgudi, located in South India. Each of the stories portrays a facet of life in Malgudi. In 1986, a few of the stories in the book were included in the Malgudi Days television series and, directed by actor and director, Shankar Nag.

Wildlife Conservation & You- Start that Conversation

Do you love nature? Are you worried about our forests?

And have you always wanted to be a part of wildlife conservation efforts but never known how? 

Then this conference is custom-made for you.

Bangalore is waking up to yet another new aspect of living harmoniously with nature and making each of us count in conservation efforts. You can be a part of it too!