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4th trimester bodies project

An honest look at how motherhood changes our bodies. A definite upworthy project. Take a look, get photographed, contribute...


Your Health with Dr. Krishna Sudhir: Aspirin

Your Health with Dr. Krishna Sudhir: Aspirin

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in western populations and this is rapidly becoming a scourge in developing countries as well.

South asians are particularly susceptible to coronary heart disease (diseases of the arteries that supply the heart), because we do not exercise regularly, we consume diets that are high in fats and we have a high prevalence of maturity onset diabetes.

So our genetic susceptibility tends to be high as well.

How aspirin can help

The 'thigh-gap' obsession among teenage girls - Alerting Parents!

The teen obsession with the so-called "thigh gap", is the latest craze raising eyebrows on social media, and causing concern for parents and medical professionals.

The 'thigh-gap' : If you were to stand up, it's the gap between your thighs. The goal and the pursuit of thigh gap is to ensure that your thighs do not touch!


*Adolescent girls and young adult woman are going to extremes with diet and exercise to achieve the "thigh gap" look.

*Psychologists worry it can lead to an eating disorder.

Chetan Bhagat Reveals ALL

Busting the Coconut Oil Myth

I’ve been asked “how much cholesterol does coconut oil contain?” countless times. And I repeat here – there is no cholesterol in coconut oil. There’s no cholesterol in fresh coconut, dry coconut, tender coconut or any other coconut product! However, coconut oil has been maligned in the coronary circles because of its saturated fat content.

How to Compost in an Apartment

Composting with Vani - How to do it at your own home

Lakshmi Rebecca (Chai with Lakshmi) chats with Vani Murthy about Composting. What is composting? Have you ever wondered how to do it? Why should you compost? Well, here are your answers.

Vani Murthy is called the “Compost Rani” and her Malleshwaram (suburb in Bangalore) team are the 3Gs (Glamorous Garbage Girls) practicing and teaching the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Vani is truly an inspiration and works tirelessly in her community and with the local government to spread her message and change habits, one person at a time.

Would you eat 3-D printed or lab-grown meat?


As a life long vegetarian, I am happy if we move away from killing an animal to feed ourselves but I still think I would be uncomfortable with the idea of consuming lab grown or 3-D printed meat.

What do you think? Either as a vegetarian or not. Would you?

Blissful Bento: Barley and Quinoa with mixed greens and homemade red pepper-apricot dressing.

Today was yet another hot day and I knew I had to make a detox salad within time constraint. Came up with this recipe :
Prep time is 20 minutes including the dressing.
For the salad, you will need a bag of organic mixed greens, coarsely chopped granny smith apple pieces, grapes, pomogranates,pearl tomatoes,blueberries ,raisins, walnuts and sliced almonds.
For the grains, add cooked quinoa(1/4 cup) and 1 tablespoon cooked barley if you are ok with gluten.

Yes, I can!

A few years ago I sprained my leg and went to an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor had already seen an x-ray of my leg and looked puzzled when I walked in. “I expected you to be in a wheel chair,” he said. He couldn’t believe that someone so badly afflicted by arthritis could walk without trouble. The doctor was in for a bigger shock, when I told him I ride a scooter!! How did that happen? Well, I have to take you back a few years about how I learned to manage my life with arthritis.