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Dr Krishna Sudhir & Cholesterol Reduction

Awesome Dance Party - just before going into surgery ...

What a party!!!

Deborah Cohan, an Ob/Gyn and mom of two, before going into surgery, to have her breasts removed, held a dance party with her medical team, in the operating room of Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco.

Awesomely inspiring, uplifting & yep, would love to party with her some day!!!

How about some dance moves from the Talking Cranes family, to show Deborah some Sistah Solidarity?

My Mid-Life Crisis

I have these grand visions of my future. That I will be a well known writer by 50, will have hugely successful children, will be surrounded by my family and friends, and will die at 70. By then I will have a decent number of wrinkles on my face, adequate fat on my already plump self, still be physically and financially independent and will have my mental faculties intact.

Comfort Food:-)

Recently, I was unwell & feeling blah ….
longed for tangy, tomato rasam & hot rice, to chase my cold away. A dear friend, made me a big pot of rasam goodness & all at once, I felt loved, comforted & the food sliding down my parched throat felt just right!

Beti S goes back to her South Indian roots & craves ‘Thairu Saadam’ (curd rice), when she needs some comforting!

Then there’s the Popeye of our family, my better half, who needs his fix of ‘keerai’ (spinach) to help him get his energy & strength back!

RIP Dr. Nalini Ambady

"If you are reading this, especially if you are of South Asian descent, I hope you consider joining the bone marrow registry. While we all mourn the loss of a great psychological scholar, we can simultaneously hope that this loss might encourage people to take an action that will potentially save future lives.".

A bright mind we lost too early because of inaction. what a shame.


India and our Spitting Image

Traveling by two-wheeler in India has its own risks. Besides the risk of injury, there is also the chance of adding insult!!! Passing vehicles such as buses and even Mercedes or Bentley cars are full of passengers who are waiting to share their bodily juices via spitting.

So ubiquitous, impartial and democratic is the vulgar habit of spitting by my countrymen and women that every conceivable public surface, vertical and horizontal is visibly and invisibly involved  including railings, lifts, wheels of vehicles, benches, ornamental plants, gates ......

Your Health with Dr. Krishna Sudhir: Blood Pressure