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Is Delhi more Polluted than Beijing? Yes!

Indians have the world’s weakest lungs, the world’s highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases, and more deaths from asthma, says a report in the New York times. The hazardous air quality in Delhi out strips that in Beijing and a WHO study says Delhi’s fine particle pollution causes lung cancer. Read on...

Rape, responsibility & repercussion

Rape is not a scary word any longer. People don't think twice before using it. It frequently appears in our daily national news section. Neither toddlers nor teenagers are spared its grasp. It's one of the topics thats been getting the most press in recent years.

How I define RAPE: Sex which doesn't involve the willingness of both or many individuals and which has outcome that doesn't hold any individuals responsible or accountable.

Where In The World Is The Best Place For Healthy Eating?

Europe sweeps the charts even though there is plenty of fresh and cheap food available in the United States.

But the part that bothers me the most is "there is enough food overall in the world to feed everyone. But 900 million people still don't have enough to eat, and 1 billion people are obese."

What a travesty!

Way2go, Emma!

Now that's how I'd like to party - no shoes & drink in hand!

The other day, at a coffee morning, a dear friend, startled me with her bluntness - 'You wear pretty clothes, but your shoes are so darned ugly!'

What can I say - I do wear the frumpiest shoes ever. I promised myself that where my big, fat, ugly feet are concerned, no more torture!!!! My current footwear - a pair of 'Go Walk' Skechers - which I wear, with, gasp, everything!!!

Body Image and how we affect our children

This is a really poignant and heart-felt piece. We just don't realize how much our body image issues affect our children, not just our daughters but potentially how our sons deal with their girlfriends and wives.

Exercise and a good diet to feel healthy is the message we need to send. Skinny to fit into designer clothes is not the goal.


Angelina Jolie & the risks of breast cancer

Last year Angelina Jolie revealed that she had undergone preventative double mastectomy after tests showed that she carried the BRCA1 gene.  While her revelation raised awareness of the risks of breast cancer, it also caused a lot of confusion.  Azmy Birdi offers a look at the facts.

Are you at risk? What's a genetic mutation?  How does it cause breast cancer or ovarian cancer? 

Here’s the science.

What is familial breast cancer?

Male and female brains wired differently?

A latest study conducted in the University of Pennsylvania shows that the brains of males and females are 'wired' differently, hence facilitating each gender to perform certain types of tasks with varying abilities.

"Maps of neural circuitry showed that on average women's brains were highly connected across the left and right hemispheres, in contrast to men's brains, where the connections were typically stronger between the front and back regions."

Public Displays of Affection - Take 2

In a recent article I queried, “Why do people insist on making out in public?”. I stated that PDA should be tailored and guarded according to the setting and situation. Readers responded, some agreeing and some pointing out that PDA was the right of every person in love. An amusing episode where a married couple mistaken for lovers (are they mutually exclusive??!) were reprimanded for sitting in close contact with each other was mentioned as well. Thought-provoking for sure.

Jennifer Lawrence, you rock, gal!

Love this girl

Jennifer Lawrence, in conversation with Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, said,

."You look how you look, you have to be comfortable. What are you going to do?

Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That's just dumb."

It sure is, J Law!!!