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Home Remedy for Dengue fever

Papaya leaf juice can cure dengue fever. Though there may not be much scientific proof, I can share a personal experience here.

The Penguin Dads or the story of real men

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with Doniger and Hindus. 

Thanks to social media, everyone and their Tiger Mom has an opinion on parenting, status of women depending on whether they work or not, gender equations etc. While I do study such social dynamics I write this not because it's an academic piece or descriptive of something that has achieved critical mass, but because it's a story of real men and one that needs to be told. 

Dr. Krishna Sudhir on a Healthy Diet
Talking Cranes meets Jeena

TC meets Jeena

Jeena is a self-help group of parents dedicated to improving the quality of life of parents and children with developmental disorders.

Their mission is to enhance the quality of life of parents and children with development disability by providing non-medical support, and opportunities for training and information, to parents and professionals while keeping in mind the cultural nuances.

Some Simple, Tested, Home Remedies with TULSI

A person that eats even five leaves of Tulsi a day is protected from a large number of diseases.

A daily morning dose of 2 to 3 spoonfuls of Tulsi Juice taken on empty stomach helps to develop bodily strength, memory and an impressive personality.

If eleven Tulsi leaves are taken with four black pepper seeds, Malaria, periodic fever and such other fevers will be cured.

Tulsi quickly reduces blood cholesterol to normal levels.


A dear friend, apalled at my unhealthy lifestyle, asked me to take the first step towards good health, with this pledge:

1. I will walk to the pub (Exercise)
2. I will put Lime in my Vodka
(Vitamin C)
3.I will have vegetables in my Bloody Mary (Veggies)
4.I will drink out on the patio (Fresh Air)
5.Will tell raunchy jokes and laugh(Eliminate Stress)
& then...
6.I will I pass out (Rest)

A 100km run -Yes, it's possible!

Chandra Gopalan completed a 100 km run in Bangalore organised by Runners For Life.  She placed in the first runner-up position in her category.  At the age of 55, this is no easy feat! 

While congratulating Chandra on her brilliant achievement, I asked her a few questions and here’s what she said.

Sheela Krishnaswamy – How long have you been a runner?

Chandra Gopalan – 10 years.

SK – What are the runs / marathons you have participated in and which ones do you continue to participate in regularly?

Anchorwoman called FAT fights back with On-Air Response to Viewer | WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston

New!! The e-cookbook from Talking Cranes! Just .99 cents!

Never cooked before? Or perhaps you want to spend less time in the kitchen?

Talking Cranes have put together 8 quick, creative recipes you can make in 10 easy steps or less!

These recipes come from our very own TC community - our chefs & food bloggers have created healthy, delicious recipes just perfect for a novice cook, a busy parent or your college going kids.