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Warriors of Weight

“You’re clinically obese – you need to get into an exercise regimen and see a nutritionist.” This was my annual ritual with my doctor since I was 20 years old and I was tired of it. My joints and knees hurt from carrying around all those extra pounds for years. I couldn’t walk around the block or climb a flight of stairs without panting.

Childhood - Pain or Pleasure?

‘Two ones are two, two twos are four, two threes are six…..” the rhythmic cadence of multiplication tables recited in a chorus drill in the class room. This was a common method of learning during my father’s primary school days (in a village in Kerala).

I remember my father telling me that in the days when he went to school, he had no books or slates. He carried small coconuts shells tied with string and filled with sand to school. In class, the students sat on the floor, spread the sand in front of them and wrote in it what the teacher told them to.

The Art of Mastering a Difficult Conversation

From colleague to colleague, partner to partner, function to function, a personal or a company’s success both in gaining value and maintaining relationships depends on how well you get the conversations right.

A difficult conversation describes a common dynamic in disputes – “The attitude of ‘I’m right and you’re wrong!” that lies at the heart of practically every position based dispute. I come across this on a daily basis, while getting and giving feedback.

Spicy Sprout and Pear Salad

I’ve moved back to Chennai, India, where the average temperature is 98F everyday. Some days are good, with 95, but most days we are at 100F.

Now you’re updated on the weather around me, and it’s time to talk about food. Sprouted lentils are nutritional in all ways, and they’re easy to make or buy in Chennai. I was inspired by a lentil and pear sabzi that I saw on a friend’s Instagram to try to make a sprouted lentil version.

On the Run with Preeti Aghalayam

Preeti Aghalayam, a Professor of Chemical Engineering at IITM,  is passionate about running. She recently ran the Pinkathon in Chennai. The Pinkathon is a 10kms International Run for women that  aims to raise awareness about breast cancer and  encourage women’s health and fitness.  Preeti spoke to Talking Cranes about why she runs.

How did you get your start in running? 

Bury the Cholesterol Fear

For many years, we believed that eating foods high in cholesterol & saturated fat increases the blood levels of cholesterol which in turn can spell trouble for the heart.  So, butter, ghee, coconut oil, egg yolk (yellow), red meat, cheese, and other foods that contained either cholesterol or saturated fat were deleted from the shopping lists of many homes.

Its difficult to know, Why his wife is upset to him in that morning

It is always difficult to read women's mind and more difficult when wife get upset with no reason.In this story, it is really interesting to know that why his wife is upset to him in that morning. I am sure you will not stop your laugh at end. Why his wife is upset to him in that morning

See a romantic surprise which made his wife cry on Valentine's day

As other loving husbands, Sumit wanted to give a romantic surprise to his wife on valentine's day. He planned some thing for his wife Chetna, who could not control her emotions after seeing it.See, what did Sumit do which made his wife cry on valentine's day ?