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Basil is one of the most aromatic and fragrant herbs used in cooking. While most of us likely associate basil with Italy or the Mediterranean, basil is also widely used and quite popular in Asia.

Dr. Feminist

Tiffany* walked into the clinic. Her tie-dyed skinny jeans and neon yellow manicure were no stranger to this office, nor to me.

She had come into the clinic one week prior, for what she called a “girl problem.”  While in the exam room, waiting for me, her mouth filled to the brim with all the words she was waiting to express. Once I walked in, it barely took a second for that volcano of emotion and words to overflow and bubble. I remember her ebullience, how eager she was, how much she needed to just talk to someone.

Why I decided to become a Primal Posture teacher

My LinkedIn profile states that I am a teacher for Primal Posture. This is intriguing to many. I am the first person in India to be certified to teach the Gokhale Method ™, and teach a set of techniques on Primal Posture. I get asked what is Primal Posture? Is there such a field of expertise? Can that even be a profession? How can you be a posture teacher? Can you teach such a thing? While we are familiar with sports therapists, physio therapists, chiropractic etc, there is very little awareness about posture, and how it can benefit and help in alleviating physical pain.

Good Touch - Bad Touch

The news that a 6-year old at a top Bangalore school became the most recent victim of rape triggered protests and the following response.

Many of us are horrified by the VIBGYOR student RAPE. 

Tc Interviews author & columnist RamGVallath

TC interviews columnist & author RamG Vallath

"The moment you start focusing on what could have been, then you just lose focus on how you could become better".
How scientific curiosity, a sense of the absurd and stem cell research came together to change one man's life. And also how an evolved pumpkin saved humanity from Angry Birds with a new species of Angrier Pigs!

Stay young through the decades

Dr. Suresh Shottam with TC

Remember those days when you could eat like a horse and bounce around like an energizer bunny?
Well those days are behind you…

What worked for you in your 20s won't work in your 30s…and the same goes for your 40s and 50’s.

So what’s a gal to do?

It’s time to realize, says Dr. Suresh Shottam, that as you age, your nutritional needs change …. and you have to follow some basic rules of good nutrition!

First Tech de-addiction clinic opens in Bangalore

Society is finally starting to acknowledge what mental health professionals having been saying for a while; Technology dependence is an addiction, just like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

What are we doing to our kids? After all, adults are the ones creating the technologies that make social media and games addictive.

And what are going to do to fix it? Taking away the electronics from our kids is not the solution. What is?

Dr Krishna Sudhir on Cessation of Smoking

Your Health with Dr. Krishna Sudhir - Cessation of Smoking

Dr. Krishna Sudhir talks about the dangers of smoking and why quitting will help your health and the health of those around you.

Grapefruit, Avocado and Quinoa Salad

Nowadays my recipes are leaning more and more towards healthy cooking. The reason is that just recently I was told that my A1C is rising (due to asthma medications) and that if I want to avoid getting full-blown diabetes, I have to eat super-healthy food. Of course, this came as terrible news to me but it gave me an incentive to make some major changes to my diet – I have reduced my carb intake drastically (extremely minimal use of all-purpose flour, white rice or potatoes) and I have cut out all sugar.