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O Canada!


A vacation in the north-western hemisphere minus the steroids. 


Canada is a family favorite. We prefer nature over culture vacations. I'd pick walking in Cornwall, scrambling along those spectacular cliffs, over all of London's charms.

TC schools

Dragonfly Dreams

In March 2011, a young family of filmmakers - Raja, Anu and Yannick (11), flew out of Mumbai, India, to begin an intrepid 6-month journey backpacking across South America. 

Trusting strangers and living with locals, they backpack across Argentina, Peru and Brazil on a budget. 

Living High

Whenever I travel to India with my kids, part of me wants to spend all the available time with my family but part of me really wants to travel and show my children not only culture and heritage but also some fun times, so they want to go back to India happily and voluntarily.  This means juggling time and finding places to go for short breaks.