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The UAE beckons - Am junta ishtyle

Dubai, the man made miracle, the city that never sleeps, the land of glitzy dreams, a rich man’s haven, where money is the local lingo ….

But fikar not, aam aadmi, some delights in the UAE come cheap & easy; Sit back, fasten your seat belts & allow yours truly, to whisk you away on a tour of the Emirates, janta ishtyle.

Backpacking in South America - Part 2 contd..

The river that froze, Argentina

El Calafate is a small town with beautiful views of the Andes. Located on the banks of Lago Argentina, it is the popular base for all southern Patagonia travelers, being just a few hours away from both EL Chaltan, the trekking capital of Argentina, and from Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia, touted to be one the most beautiful national parks in South America.

Backpacking for 6 months in South America Part 2

Backpacking in South America - Part 2

Anu Shetty, Raja Menon and their son Yannick

Stories from their travel around South America

Salt Flats and Silver Mines in Bolivia

The Salar de Uyuni is one of most spectacular landscapes I have ever encountered.

Journey to Ladakh: A photo essay

 Vasudha Madhavan

Pictures and words, my only tools to capture the overwhelming physical and emotional experience of driving through one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth - Ladakh. The land of soaring Himalayan peaks and swirling, mighty rivers, serene Gompas and the occasional tinkle of a bell from a yak, Ladakh is a land which beckons you to visit again and again.

Meet Anu Shetty, Raja Menon and their son Yannick

Yannick at age 12 is an avid reader. He loves soccer - he got to watch it with the Argentinians on his 6 month trip. Yannick has acted  in two productions starring with Naseeruddin Shah in Motely's repertoire. ( Shah's theater company). He played with Shah in 'The Prophet' and in 'Waiting for Godot'. Yannick thoroughly enjoys and learns Copeira.  A marshall art form that originated in Brazil. Slaves performed this in sercecy disguising it with music and dance.

Backpacking for 6 months in South America

Backpacking in South America

Film makers Raja Menon, Anu Shetty and their son Yannick documented their epic trip in a collection of stories and photgraphs. Here are some of them.

Bus rides anybody? or getting from Brazil to Argentina

Hampi - holiday off the beaten track

If heritage is on your mind, Hampi might just be the place. A UNESCO World Heritage site and a perfect place to relax, Hampi is a small town in South India, located in northern Karnataka near the Andhra Pradesh border. In medieval times, Hampi, the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, was ruled by the popular South Indian emperor Krishnadeva Raya. To this day, Hampi invites travelers to admire the grandeur of its cultural empire. Like all medieval towns, Hampi was built on the banks of a river.

Ve-jet-arian Airways

 A Letter to the Chairman of Jet Airways

Mr. Goyal,