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Peru with Anita R.

Peru with Anita R.


After a whole day of travel to reach Lima, we catch the 9.30am flight to Cusco the next morning. Flying over the magnificent Andes from Lima to Cusco, the scenery is breathtaking. The town of Cusco is so pretty with its brightly painted balconies and churches everywhere and many little squares where people gather.

The Ghosts of Charleston


Spring break is always a time of great expectations-----with summer rolling around the corner, and a whiff of daffodils in the air, it’s usually time to make a quick getaway, take a breather from our daily grind and meditate on the promise the rest of the year holds, of warmer weather yet to come This year we set off for Myrtle beach, North Carolina along with our good friends and their family. South Carolina, was a mere two hours from Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, a temptation impossible to resist


Dear Chennai


I don’t know what the deal with you is, Chennai. There is no easy way to say this, but I miss you.

I miss your heavy, humid, salty air, laden with teashop smells and jasmine flowers. I miss your ‘cool’ evenings and flat roads filled with manholes. I miss how you make me feel, Chennai; I miss running into people my family and I know at any given corner of the city, despite how large you really are.

Karaikudi: Chettinad Charm


It all started with my fetish for cast iron pots and pans. A friend mentioned in passing that cast iron cookware – usually elusive and expensive – was available cheap, and in abundance, at a place called Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu. Within a week, I was headed to Karaikudi with a single-minded mission: to buy a cast iron soup pot. Or two. Or maybe even three.


In February this year my husband Shireesh and I motored down to Ratnagiri on the Konkan coast. 

Italy with Bambini


If your household is like ours where an annual tussle occurs over the holiday destination, then I have a solution (or a recommendation) for you! 

I live in England - that beautiful country with its excessive rainfall and dearth of sunshine. After a particularly wet spring and summer, archaeologist husband (a.k.a. Indiana Jones), sporty son and I decided that sunshine and warmth were high on the agenda this year.  Wow! Agreement on one issue!

Uttarakhand - a travelogue


The bridge over Old Delhi railway station was empty, relatively speaking. I found an old steel trunk, abandoned by some tired soul, sitting on the bridge. I went for it before anyone else could get at it. Sat for three hours, waiting. Below me, on the platform, was a mass of humanity, seemingly comfortable with each other. The sweeper did a thorough job of cleaning the bridge, then pushed the litter over on the rails.