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California blue!

California is so blue! Blue skies and beautiful blue pristine water bodies pretty much wherever you go, with a breathtakingly long coastline for a western border. As winter makes its presence felt in Bangalore, I can’t help but feel nostalgic remembering my trip to the “sunshine state” earlier this year in June. I was lucky enough to travel across the length of this fascinating state, right from Lake Tahoe in the north to San Diego in the south.

Barter your way to a bed in Rome!

Barter your way to a bed in Rome!

From 18 to 24 November, travellers balking at the city’s high accommodation costs can pay their way with anything from roller skates to fresh pastries ...


Searching for history in Mangalore

The aircraft had to land on a narrow piece of land that led to a valley where an ill-fated crash happened a few months ago. That is all I could think of during my entire descent into Mangalore. 

But it was a smooth landing and for once I was glad for that sharp, back-bending, bottles-tumbling-to-the-front-of-the-aircraft brake that was applied. I bent forward with the plane and kept waiting for it to NOT run off the runaway.  I was still alive, out of the airport, baggage in hand and headed to a pre-booked hotel.

But I wasn’t ready for what was coming next.

Travel lessons from my childhood

The first clear memories of travel with my parents are of a stay in a tiny hill-top town near Mumbai, called Matheran, when I was about eight years old. We stayed in an old colonial-style bungalow called Greenwood in the middle of a dense jungle. By modern standards, it would fall grievously short. No room service to roust up at one a.m. for an icecream-sundae, no housekeeping staff to regularly clear the verandah of leaves every morning and only a rusty-but- trusty water heater for hot water.

The Gandhi Experience - A holiday, thoda hat ke ....

Tourists searching for peace and simplicity can for the first time check in to Mahatma Gandhi's most famous ashram in India.

Guests at the ashram, which opened to holidaymakers earlier this month, can try their hand at spinning, visit local communities, pray and meditate, all while wearing khadi -- hand-woven cloth -- during their stay.

But they must adhere to Gandhi's 11 vows that he promoted including non-violence, no possessions, use of local goods, working for daily food, self restraint, including chastity, and control of diet.

Pretty cool, huh?

Photoshop 'Body Evolution' Video - Behind the scenes!

Have you ever noticed how celebrities often look a little too perfect in magazines?

Turns out that very few of these photos are accurate depictions of what the celebrities really look like.

The industry has taken to photoshopping photos like mad scientists, creating slimmer silhouettes & imaginary waistlines.

Constant exposure to these artificiallyy created images, ingrains in people that this physique is the ideal to strive for, even when it's not humanly possible to achieve.

Alaska with Anita Ramamurthy

My Alaskan Adventure

Alaska! A bucket list item for many a travel enthusiast and a longtime destination on my wish list, finally got checked off this past summer.

We managed to experience Alaska via ship, road, train, bike, boat, helicopter, sea-plane, and of course our own two feet! The uniqueness of Alaska is that every person can have a spectacular trip regardless of their activity levels.

Sri Lanka - a trip into serendipity

Early Arab traders called the island “serendib”, the origin of the word serendipity. By happy chance, they discovered a land of smiling people, beautiful beaches, exotic spices and gems, rich history, aromatic tea, spicy food, majestic elephants and a laid back island vibe…much like we did this past summer on our very first visit to the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean'.

A dear college friend moved back to Sri Lanka after a decade of living abroad.  We figured it was time for a trip!