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Turkish Spinach and Cheese Borek

During our vacation in Istanbul earlier this month, we stayed at a lovely boutique hotel in the old part of the city. The hotel was a refurbished 500 year old Turkish Bath (Hamam) and was a stone’s throw away from historic spots like the Haghia Sophia (a 6th century Byzantine Cathedral) , the Topkapi Palace (a 15th century palace which was the primary residence of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire) and the Blue Mosque (completed in 1616).

A road trip to Durg


It all started with them deciding which clothes to carry, what music to download, who will sit in the front seat, how to keep two year old Arjun busy.....

What were they talking about..."O My God!!" No!!..they were planning a road trip to Durg, i.e Chattisgarh, i.e Central India!!  My eight year old seemed to be well versed with the entire Wikipedia on Chhattisgarh... how beautiful the state was.. 40% covered with dense forests.. full of tribal art...wild life and amazing textiles!!

Discovering Goa in Fontainhas

Yes, I went to Goa again!

I stayed in Panjim for 3 days and let the charm of that capital city seep into me. My three nights in Panjim were spent at a different place each night and that accounted for different experiences.

21 reasons to visit Karnataka

Makes me want to get on a flight tomorrow. A great resource for anyone living in Karnataka or wanting to visit.

Next time you are in Bangalore on a business trip, consider adding one of these trips for the weekend.


A wee village by the loch

We turned off the A-82 for the first sight of the main square of Drumnadrochit, a Scottish village with its pub, restaurant, grocery shop and newsagent, straight out of an Enid Blyton story. Flowers bloomed everywhere; colorful petunias peered out of hanging baskets on antique lamp-posts and huge roses as big as the palm of my hand nodded carelessly in flower-beds by the road.

20 Things to do in South Mumbai

If you are a first time visitor, here are some wonderful things to do just in South Mumbai alone!

Start off by watching the fishermen and fisherwomen at Sassoon dock – makes for interesting photographs. It is a noisy and smelly affair!

Then walk down towards the Afghan Church through the Colaba Causeway all the time thinking about how you are walking on reclaimed land and at one point this was all the sea and the Afghan Church was on an island called Old Woman’s Island!

"Bole To".... Amazing India!!

Spent five weeks in India, living Facebook, instead of being on Facebook. Everyone on your block knows everyone else’s “status” and relay it on to anybody they run into who they think may even remotely care! LOL! I thought California was a happening place but I must say, the most happening were the streets of India!

A journey by Indian Railway

The Indian Railways have been a recurring theme in my life.

I grew up in Mumbai and then Pune, both of which are around 1300 kms away from my parents’ native city of Chennai. When summer creeped up on us we would all head down to Chennai, then Madras.

Twenty years ago, this was a long, exhausting 24 – 30 hour train journey and my mother would take my older brother and myself all on her own! I wonder now how she managed… or well, lets just say we were very well-behaved!

Kuzhi Paniharam - Chennai Bites!

Garam, Garam Kuzhi Paniharams, at Grand Sweets, Chennai!

Thick Dosa batter, seasoned with mustard, urad dal, kadi patta, ginger, green chilies & spooned into the tiny frying pan in the pic, till golden brown - served with sambhar & chutney!

Heaven on a plate!

10 commandments for Tourists in Goa

Goa has been getting a bad rap ever since Bollywood started making films and needed a drunk, or a tart, to liven them up.

We are an easy-going, friendly people, for whom there's more to life than just waking up in the morning. We think it's a lovely state of mind that makes us the happy people we are - but it has been constantly misunderstood and misrepresented - resulting in hordes of other Indians, sex- and fun-starved by the narrow-minded confines of wherever they come from, for all the wrong reasons and with the worst of expectations