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Its difficult to know, Why his wife is upset to him in that morning

It is always difficult to read women's mind and more difficult when wife get upset with no reason.In this story, it is really interesting to know that why his wife is upset to him in that morning. I am sure you will not stop your laugh at end. Why his wife is upset to him in that morning

See a romantic surprise which made his wife cry on Valentine's day

As other loving husbands, Sumit wanted to give a romantic surprise to his wife on valentine's day. He planned some thing for his wife Chetna, who could not control her emotions after seeing it.See, what did Sumit do which made his wife cry on valentine's day ?

Politicians please behave yourself, Indian youth is watching you

Sometimes the behavior of politicians, elected by us on parliament ashamed us, make us embarrassed. India please behave yourself world is watching you, our youth learn from you and follow you in their real life. Read more

A holiday in Prague - alone!

Praneet is a  loving indulgent husband, but there are two things he is not happy giving me - flowers and diamonds. So I figured that on my birthday it would be better if he gave me a holiday - all by myself at a destination of my choice.

So this year it was Prague - my intention was to run the Prague Half Marathon with my friend in the city.

The run was a nightmare...my knee tat gave up on me and the timing chip was taken away because I was not going to hobble to the finish line in under 3 hours.

Naked Tourists - the strange things people do!@#$%

Peru to tourists: 'Stop getting naked at Machu Picchu!'

Travel all the way to experience one of the fabulous wonders of the world ....

& all you can think of doing is strip & streak?*^%$#@#**


An Evening in Old Delhi

When I think “Old Delhi”, the first image that comes to my mind is the scene from the movie Delhi 6 where Abhishek Bachchhan sits on the roof of a home with Masakali, the cute white pigeon.

Graffitti at Hauz Khas: Part 2 - Heritage

The Hauz Khas I was told to visit was all shops, designer outlets
and eclectic array of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Graffiti in Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Hauz Khas, New Delhi.

There is the glitzy glamour of the designer boutiques on the main road… with their brightly lit front glass shop fronts, the slim mannequins that make everything look runway fresh and their dangerous promises to transform an average Jane into a Kate Moss.

The halo of consumerism is alive here, tempting even the most inept window browser and pushing her over the edge to become a multiple-bag carrying shopping-fashionista.

Rabindranath Tagore still lives in Kolkata

‘A’  got back from Kolkata yesterday. He really liked the city, except for the traffic. (that might be true of most cities in India. You take away the traffic from Mumbai and it’s gorgeous and grand) It got me thinking about Kolkata and this great old city that stands strong in the East of India – though many people feel that it has lost it’s way.

Musafir Hoon Yaaron ....

Ever thought of quitting your job & indulging the traveller in you ....

Wishful thinking? Or maybe not, as this article suggests, giving advice on quitting your job & travelling!

Statutory Warning: This is just a link to an article I came across. Anyone taking it seriously & thinking of actually resigning from work, should do so, at their own risk:-))))