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'Garlanding India'

I used to be in awe of Prof Uday Damodaran at my MBA School- coz he taught a subject that I did not understand a word of! I only managed to scrape through because of the largesse of some XIM friends.

Now, I am more in awe of him…and totally inspired.

On a 14000 km, 60 day trip 'Garlanding India' in his Renault Duster, and raising funds for over 20 NGOs, Damu (as we all called him) is doing something most of us only dream of…

You can follow him/track him on https://www.facebook.com/garlandingindia

Chennai, Bangalore, Pondicherry or Chicago. What's your pick?

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Its difficult to know, Why his wife is upset to him in that morning

It is always difficult to read women's mind and more difficult when wife get upset with no reason.In this story, it is really interesting to know that why his wife is upset to him in that morning. I am sure you will not stop your laugh at end. Why his wife is upset to him in that morning

See a romantic surprise which made his wife cry on Valentine's day

As other loving husbands, Sumit wanted to give a romantic surprise to his wife on valentine's day. He planned some thing for his wife Chetna, who could not control her emotions after seeing it.See, what did Sumit do which made his wife cry on valentine's day ?

Politicians please behave yourself, Indian youth is watching you

Sometimes the behavior of politicians, elected by us on parliament ashamed us, make us embarrassed. India please behave yourself world is watching you, our youth learn from you and follow you in their real life. Read more

Satyajit Ray's film: Mahanagar

Ray's film portraying a young housewife who decides to work is being screened at PVR Koramangala in Bangalore this weekend.

Puriya Kalyan 2013

hindustani classical music

Discovered this wonderful artist. Ramneek Singh, is a renowned exponent of Hindustani Classical Music, Indore Gharana, in the Khayal genre.
Her repertoire is characterized by the soulful rendering of Vilambit or slow Khayal, as instituted by Ustad Amir Khan in the Indore Gharana. She has elegantly and imaginatively developed other genres like thumri, sufiana, shabad-kirtan into her presentation. Canadian television and radio has actively involved her music in their programming, including title music for shows.

Breakthrough brings #BoardTheBus to the streets of the Delhi

Aatish joins Breakthrough in shouting out 'Board the Bus'

Delhi-based theatre group Aatish takes forward Breakthrough's Board the Bus campaign. Let's board the bus this Women's Day on 8 March and reclaim all our spaces!

British Asian Film Festival

Rifco and Watford Palace Theatre present a weekend of the very best British Asian cinema, with film screenings, exclusive talks and special guests including Meera Syal, Gurinder Chadha and Harvey Virdi - Friday 28 February to Sunday 2 March.

The festival is a great opportunity for film fans and budding film-makers to view the best of British Asian cinema and gain an insight into the films and the industry from the talent behind them.