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When the tummy alarm goes off.....

India, a country with vast diversity, be it in terms of spirituality, culturally, ethnicity, clothing, and the most important, food. People hailing from different parts of the country come up with either different versions of same dish or an entirely new dish that is a specialty of a particular region or state. Travellers and wanderers have two things surely on their list, when they are travelling India. One is temples and the other is, you got me right, FOOD. We have a variety of dishes to offer, whether you are a vegan, eggatarian or hard core meat-eater.


Basil is one of the most aromatic and fragrant herbs used in cooking. While most of us likely associate basil with Italy or the Mediterranean, basil is also widely used and quite popular in Asia.

Panettone Bread Pudding With Grand Marnier

Every fall, supermarkets in the US start to get flooded with boxes of the sweet Italian currant bread called Panettone. My family loves to eat Panettone slices for breakfast – lightly toasted and then slathered with some good butter. So each year before the kids come home from college for the Thanksgiving break or Christmas break, I stock up on Panettone. Last year for Thanksgiving, I had even made a citrus flavored bread pudding out of Panettone for the dessert course of our feast.

Cheese Cups with Basil and Sun-dried Tomatoes

I don't know how I went for years without ever using an oven. Then again, I'm not sure how I went years without cooking and being obsessed with food, either. An oven does part of the heavy lifting (cooking things to perfection) while you do the other part (chopping veggies, bleh).

Anjali's Vegetable Biryani

It has always been my endeavour to make food with readily available ingredients. I want that when you read my recipe and it appeals to you, you can make it right away , or at least it shouldn’t  be a herculean task to procure the ingredients. But at the same time there shouldn’t be a compromise on the taste.
There are many ways of making “Vegetable Biryani”, but I find this method by far the easiest and tastiest. It uses the most basic spices and herbs besides regular vegetables and yet, the outcome is a delicious and aromatic “Vegetable Biryani”

Watermelon Salad

Beat the heat, get your watermelon on! Here is a cool site, where I learned how to cut my watermelon.


For the dressing, mix the following in a vinaigrette maker:

Lemon Juice: 3 tbsp

Vinegar: 1 tbsp

Honey: 1 tsp

Chaat masala: 2 tsp

Red Chilli powder: 1 tsp

Grated ginger: 2 tsp

Cilantro: A handful

A pinch of salt. Sweeten if desired with Maple syrup.

Shake this up and pour lavishly over cut up watermelon.

Chilled Tomato Summer Soup

Steaming hot temperatures need chilled cold soups to keep body and mind cool and calm. The vegetable markets are teeming with fresh tomatoes - thank goodness tomato prices haven’t  risen like the soaring temperatures. It's time to make some Chilled Tomato soup with a hint of mint.

I use fresh tomatoes as a rule but you could use canned ones - though I cannot promise you the same zing thing which you get with  fresh tomatoes.

Pan Fried Basa with garlic, pepper & lemon

Basa is a wonderful-tasting catfish native to the waters of the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam. Annabel creates an easy to make recipe, perfect to serve with salad as a light summer meal.



250 - 300 grams of filleted Basa fish

1tsp olive/sunflower oil

2 tsp freshly chopped garlic

1 tsp freshly crushed pepper

2 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

Salt to taste


Grease a non-stick pan with olive oil or ordinary sunflower oil

Add the chopped garlic and fry till golden brown