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Goggle eyed at the sari types, particularly Corporate!

Bollywood's renowned dresser & sari lover, Kalpana Shah has written a book, the Whole Nine Yards on the art of wearing a sari. What do you think of the Corporate Style? I almost fell off my chair imagining someone turning up dressed that way in an office.


Talking Cranes chats with Andaleeb Wajid

TC Interviews Andaleeb Wajid, author of Kite Strings

Review of Kite Strings

Kite Strings is a debut novel from Andaleeb Wajid and is the story of a young Indian Muslim girl discovering the world and her choices within it.

R.I.P Suchitra Sen!

"Tum Aa gaye ho, noor aa gaya hai ..."

With the passing away of the stunningly beautiful, enigmatic & talented actress, Suchitra Sen, the 'noor' has dimmed.

R.I.P Ms Sen!


Ded Ishqiya - a review

Finally we have the answer to why Madhuri Dixit along with her dishy doctor husband & two anmol ratans moved firmly back to India …

To act in ‘Ded Ishqiya’, which despite the presence of heavy weights like Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi & the hugely talented and very funny Vijay Raaz, belongs to Ms Madhuri Dixit Nene!

Bollywood isn't done with its Ek-Di-Teen heroine as yet! The role of the regal, oozing with tehzeeb and culture and absolutely stunning Begum seems to have been written for Madam Madhuri!

Documentary film on an American filmaker working in Madras in the 30s

Karan Bali's documentary film on Elis Dungan is showing this evening at the NGMA, Bangalore. Here is an interesting article from The Hindu on Dungan's work.


Tum chale jaoge to sochenge....RIP Farooq Sheikh

I was overcome with disbelief and sadness when I learnt that Farooq Sheikh had passed away. Wasn't he too young? 65 is young but I always assumed that he was even younger since there was an innocence about him which is rarely seen today. And moreover why did I feel like I had lost someone I had personally known?

Dhoom:3 - a review

Let's rip the bandage off quickly and as painlessly as possible ...

Despite the Aamir factor, there is no dhoom in D3!

A classic case of the actor being larger than the film ... So much of Aamir, So little of the cool vibe of the 'Dhoom' franchise!

'Magalir Mattum', sleazy bosses, and Tejpal

Here's an article I came across about Magalir Mattum, one of my favorite Tamil movies growing up. The movie talks about issues women face at the workplace as regards sexual harassment. The article has spoilers to the movie (which is a hilarious, great watch), but it ends with an interesting question.

100 years of Indian Cinema

What is it about certain films that stay with you forever? Why is it that when someone says 'Khush', you almost always say 'Aaj khush toh bahot hogey tum'? Why is it, that when you decide to rebel in love, your anthem becomes 'Pyar kiya toh darna kya'?

Catching Fire - Review

One of life’s pleasant surprises – a movie sequel, which builds upon & betters the original!

How did this happen?  This was supposed to be the ‘generation gap’ film – the concept of a bleak society where the depraved rich watch human beings as contestants, in a larger than life survival of the fittest based TV reality show kill each other till the last boy/girl is left standing as the victor!