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Incendies Trailer

Incendies: Film Review

Nominated for the 2011 Academy award for best foreign film, Incendies is a disturbing and compelling film with fantastic performances. Adapted from a successful stage play, the story starts in Quebec and follows the journey of a pair of twins, Simone and Jeanne to fulfill their dead mother’s will to trace their father and brother. The twists and turns are powerfully captured against the political backdrop of what seems like civil war ravaged Lebanon (although there is no reference to the exact geographic location or specific war). There are moments where the story is incredulous.

Traitor, reviewed in Haiku


A fanatic is

not conflated with muslim

Peter King, watch this.


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Uma Kaushik

‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’ has a nice ring to it, methinks “dil chahta hai 2 – the road trip” would have worked better. Why not Zoya?! After all, Farhan Bhai also managed to squeeze in the trailer of his own sequel of ‘don’?!


Indie Film Review

Chappa Kurishu draws more than just inspiration from the Korean film Handphone but I will recommend it anyway. Chappa Kurishu is a colloquial term used in Cochin, Kerala for “heads or tails”.  The story is set in urban Cochin in a booming economy where the gap between those who are successful and empowered and those who are powerless  and struggling is glaring and  toxic. The two sides of the coin are the lives of two young men, Arjun (Fahad Fazil) and Ansari (Vineeth Srinivasan).

A Case of Exploding Mangoes

A Case of Exploding Mangoes unfolds through the stories of three central characters, it narrates a fictional account of the death of the Pakistani dictator General Zia in a mysterious plane crash in 1988. Given the backdrop of current political debate over the power struggle between various factions in Pakistan, the novel provides a pertinent commentary on the hypocrisy of an Islamic state, the disastrous resul