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Listen Amaya - a movie review

Sometimes you watch a movie for all the wrong reasons: *Because I just could not torture myself with ‘Kick’!

Sometimes you are also pleasantly surprised when despite all the wrong reasons the film turns out like Goldilocks wanted her porridge, ‘just right’!

Preeti Singh or Pat Smith?

When I moved to the US from Mumbai last year, I spent the first few months working on Unravel, a novel of linked short stories based in Mumbai. In NY, my writing workshop pals recommended that I explore the US market for the book, instead of focusing only on the Indian market. I thought it was worth a try. I took sessions to write an impressive query letter to reach out to literary agents. Based on the letter, the literary agents would decide if my book was worthy of representation! 

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Illogical and absurd as it may sound, when I walked out of the cinema after watching, ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’, my first thought was to wonder if an Ape could win an Oscar for best actor in a lead role. It could happen, because that’s how magnificent, absolutely believable and fabulous Caesar is as the Chief of a growing tribe of genetically evolved apes!

Bangalore Days - a movie by Anjali Menon

Move over Farhan Akthar of ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ fame … 

Tc Interviews author & columnist RamGVallath

TC interviews columnist & author RamG Vallath

"The moment you start focusing on what could have been, then you just lose focus on how you could become better".
How scientific curiosity, a sense of the absurd and stem cell research came together to change one man's life. And also how an evolved pumpkin saved humanity from Angry Birds with a new species of Angrier Pigs!

Maleficient - a review

Maleficent is a great watch if you've seen Disney's Sleeping Beauty. It gets even better if you have young daughters. For anyone stressing about gender roles and nuance (not just black and white) Disney has been doing really great since Tangled.

Nine Parts of Desire - thoughts about a play

For most of us, war is a remote fact, fought thousands of miles away. Something we hear from the lips of a newsreader, and see in a video clip which is suitably sanitised. Perhaps, occasionally watch in a film on war where young soldiers are fighting and dying. But what happens in a country where wars are being fought on the street?

TC interviews Jaya Padmanabhan; author of "Transactions of Belonging"

"Transactions of Belonging" is the debut collection of short stories from Jaya Padmanabhan.  The stories weave seamlessly between diverse characters and settings but a sense of intense and insightful emotions ties all these stories together. Her language is exquisite and you are left longing for the story to continue.  I loved the fact that in some stories, the ending is left to interpretation.  Some stories will make you laugh and nod your head in agreement while others will touch you and leave you wondering.  

Book Reading with Jaya Padmanabhan in Mountain View, CA

Jaya Padmanabhan will be reading from her book "Transactions of Belonging" on June 4, 7 PM at Books Inc. in Mountain View, CA.

Jaya is an award-winning journalist with articles and short stories appearing in numerous publications--including New America Media and Talking Cranes--managing editor of the widely circulated India Currents Magazine, Jaya Padmanabhan shares her debut collection of fiction, which is an emotive blending of stories reflecting on both sweet and urgent moments in life, Transactions of Belonging.