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Kultar’s Mime - Interview With Sarbpreet Singh

Sarbpreet Singh was a young Sikh in India when the brutal government sponsored violence against the Sikhs took place after the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi in 1984. His poem Kultar’s Mime is about the lives of four young innocent children caught up in the violence of those days.

Why did you write Kultar’s Mime ?

A GoodMatch Trailer HD; Written and Directed by Suneeta Misra

A Good Match - A Creative Lens On Domestic Violence

This short film could be entitled ‘It’s Never Too Late To Walk Out That Door’ or ‘How To Salvage A Life.’ It centers around a middle aged Indian immigrant woman who tolerates marital abuse for 20 years, but is finally forced to pick up enough courage to pull herself and her daughter out of a tortuous situation when her daughter’s future is placed in jeopardy.

As a bonus, it also brims with creative solutions for women trapped in bad marriages---rat poison, arsenic, sharp knives and more!

Haider - a movie review

Scenes unfurl before the very eyes as Haider continues to haunt long after it is over. Billows of smoke with Mehendi Hasan’s deep voice singing Faiz’s ‘Gulon mein rang’, sounds of gunshots searing through the soul, and explosions with mangled remains get imprinted in the mind, everytime you close your eyes thinking about the film. One can almost smell the snow, the blood and the smoke, as Vishal Bharadwaj sucks you into his adaptation of Hamlet, the third in his attempt to bring the Bard’s stories alive on celluloid.

A God in Every Stone by Kamila Shamsie - a review

For those of us who are avid Shamsie-readers, this sixth novel is an eagerly awaited one. 

Lakshmi - Official Trailer (2014) HD

Lakshmi - a movie review

You know there is impending disaster when one of the opening shots is of a young girl running breathlessly down a desolate lane and a washed up rock look-alike, Chinna, played by Nagesh Kukunoor is brandishing a stick with nails pegged onto one end and chasing after her.

Arrange to Settle - for Mr. Guarantee! Movie Review

Ahh, the freedom and titillation of romance in the 21st century! Did the sexually liberated, economically independent, single young woman ever have it so good? As the song says, for an eligible bachelorette in any big urban city, ‘it’s raining men.’ There are no taboos, no parents, no limit to the number of relationships it takes to find Mr. Right. Just one small catch---- it’s not love at first sight anymore, it’s love at first guarantee!

Brahmin Bulls

Brahmin Bulls - a movie review

Brahmin Bulls, an American film by director Mahesh Pailoor, was screened as the closing film at the recent South Asian Film Festival held in Gaithersburg, MD. (DCSAFF) A small budget, independent film, it stars Roshan Seth and Sendhil Ramamurthy as the film's main protagonists in an estranged father-son relationship.

"Arrange to Settle" Trailer from the Cast and Crew Party

'Arrange To Settle' at the DC South Asian Film Festival

Washington D.C. native, Ishu Krishna’s, first feature film entitled “Arrange to Settle” will be screened at the DC South Asian Film Festival (DCSAFF) this Sunday September 14 at 12:00pm in Gaithersburg, Maryland at the AMC Rio Theater. If you are in the DC area, come to see the film at the DCAFF which is a renowned South Asian film festival in the area. Ishu Krishna wrote, directed and produced this film which is about an American born Indian girl’s journey through love. It is about the guarantees of an arranged marriage versus the turbulence of love.

The Hundred Foot Journey - a movie review

Is the movie better than the book/as good as the book/nothing like the book?

You are not going to find answers to any of the above in this review.

Yes, I have read the book. Yes, I enjoyed it.

If Movies are Mums, would Books be Dads?

It is common knowledge that I have a herd of things that get my goat. Hindi as neshnull lengwez, being called Mrs, sugar in sambar, lizards, Bollywood actresses etc - and of course the absolute declaration that a book is somehow deeper, more complex, more soulful than a movie. I'd totally let that absolute statement slide if people prefaced it with, "in my opinion" or "for me." Some people like to go with, "Gah, if I say it is my opinion only no? That is implied so I didn't say it."