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Best song of 2011 kolaveri di CNN.mp4
Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain Parody Songs Why This Kolaveri
Why This Kolaveri Di  Full Song Promo Video in HD

Sung in Tanglish

Tanglish is cool! Ask over 2.5 million visitors who watched the "Why this Kolaveri" video which went viral in the last few days. The creators of this quirky song are Anirudh Ravichander, the 21 year old music director, Danush, the actor whose image of the lower middleclass boy who doesnt look or act like a Tamil movie hero has won him many fans, and Aishwarya Danush, the director of a new Tamil movie called 3.  

Doonya Dance Flash Mob - Bowling Green Park, New York City

Bollywood Soul

 A Vernacular Walk of Fame

Meena Kadri

Hollywood has its Walk of Fame which displays its divas and heralds its heros on the pavements of Sunset Boulevard. This exhibition seeks to playfully create a Bollywood version employing local portraiture and typographic styles. 

Encounters with MF Hussain

Stanley Pinto

Maqbul Fida Hussain, India’s most iconic artist, died in June this year, and his country mourned for him in a completely befitting way. National newspapers wrote paeans that covered several pages. Much was made of his puckish sense of humour, his lovable eccentricities, the huge body of his work, and of course his unique skills as a painter.