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Britain's Got Bhangra

In the north

A few summers ago, shoppers on Princess Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, were treated to an utterly delightful street performance of a beloved Scottish anthem by a rather incongruous duo….a kilted Scotsman pumping out a jaunty version of Scotland the Brave on his bagpipes in time to a foot-stomping Bhangra rhythm pounded on the dhol drums by a turbaned Sikh. 

Booty Pop infomercial/ commercial

The Irritating Informercial


I have severe insomnia, and sleep less than a bullfrog (which Google tells me is the one animal that does not sleep. At all, ever!) Which means that I mostly spend my time with a book, in front of the computer or in front of the television.

Frost over the World - Fatima Bhutto and Nayantara Sahgal

Daughters of the Indo-Pak Dynasties

On Wednesday, March 8, the world will celebrate International Women’s Day, an event observed since the early 1900s to honor women and their achievements. This week, TC marks this celebration by turning the spotlight on two remarkable women from the subcontinent.

Drew Smith - Smoke And Mirrors

Bollywood on a Budget


Drew Smith, a struggling indie musician needed a music video for his new song 'Smoke & Mirrors' which he planned to launch on YoutTube. But he had few resources and even fewer contacts in the music business.

So Drew went to India. In three weeks, he had a 'virtual assistant' and a video which has registered over two hundred thousand hits since it was posted on February 2.

India Matters: Jazz Meri Jaan

All That Jazz (continued)

At the far end of Churchgate Street, just across from today’s Jazz at the Bay (which didn’t exist then) was the bistro Napoli. It had Bombay’s first and only juke box, very popular with the college set. 

India Matters: Jazz Meri Jaan

All That Jazz


When a man called Chris Perry died in Mumbai some years ago, the  news didn’t cause even the tiniest ripple in the turgid waters of this restless megalopolis. In its headlong rush into tomorrow, Mumbai has become a city uncaring of the yesterdays from which its today is cast; constantly moulting and unconcernedly shedding memories of times past.

To Tattoo, or Not To

For her 21st birthday, D gave herself a special birthday treat…a 'tree of life' tattoo arching in tendrils from the base of her spine; but its artful whorls and curlicues, proclaiming affinity with the universe, did little to impress her appalled parents, who were enraged by the stamp of rebellion etched in ink across their daughter’s rump. But, was it rebellion?

Red Tails (2012) HD Movie Trailer - Lucasfilm Official Trailer

Indian Philatelic Treasures


I recently purchased 120 stamps of the 5 rupee denomination. I am unlikely to use them up within what's left of my life - but they are so beautiful that I decided to splurge.

They’re a wonderful alternative to the Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi stamps that our Postal Department (PO) have been shoving down my protesting throat for the last few months; there's life beyond The Dynasty, even in our lick-spittle society, I shouted, but no one was listening.

I Like You Better On Facebook (MUSIC VIDEO)

I like you better on Facebook

Livia Scott, actor and comic, based in NYC found a great new way to promote herself. She posted a catchy music video on youtube. The video makes fun of  nearly 1 billion fb users and ends with her own facebook page. Which we went to. TC has sent her a friend request, bring it on Livia!


Excerpt from Livia Scott's  interview with the Jester Journal read the full interview...here.