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Tabla Solo by Deepa

Fingers Flying to the beat of Her Own Song

Meet Deepa Paulus, senior at LaGuardia High School, dancer, artist, and musician. Her latest endeavor is mastering the traditional Indian drums, better known as Tabla. She's a doll of a person, and when her fingers go a'walking, makes me want to tap my feet and snap along. But I resist. And stick to chin-bouncing nod, so as not to mess her up. Her hard work of five years has paid off. And nothing like sitting next to your teacher while cranking out the beats she taught you. Enjoy!

Deepaulus.com for more about the lovely Deepa Paulus.

Attraction (Shadow Theatre Group) 1st Audition Britain's Got Talent

Shadow Theatre Video

It is absolutely beautiful, it touches, it moves....
Talented group of creative performers...

The Abused Goddess...

Powerful, eye-catching, stunning, provocative! Brilliant, simply brilliant!!

Building cultural bridges with arts activist Manjula Kumar

On a Midsummer Day, the Sculpture Garden outside the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC is blooming with visitors of all stripes. Every race, gender, and age demographic seems to be represented in the throng of visitors gathering nuggets of sunshine around the central fountains.

Monday Fun

Brent, a 37 year old retired lab animal, is a Primate Artist. His art won $10,000 in an art contest organized by the US Humane Society. He paints with his tongue instead of a brush! Is he a Picasso or a Monet? What do you think?

Image credit:

This image provided by The Humane Society of the United States shows artwork created by Brent, a chimpanzee at Chimp Haven in Keithville, La.
AP Photo/Humane Society of The United States


The smell of loneliness, as I savour the lonely night,
A whiff of cigarette fumes
Blurring the black sky..
The sparkling beer in those shaky hands
Quenching the thirst, or just wetting the neck??
The silly song of crickets to hear;
Shapeless black ghosts peeping
From behind the green curtains of the distant woods.
Did I see a flying dream?
Or was it a shooting star?
Released from the shackles of courtesy and rules
The desires and dreams unite….
A candid canvas of dancing moonlight,

Random thoughts.....

I stare at the lone lizard traversing across the stark white ceiling
of my empty house,
Nonchalant, indifferent…
There have been wars, they say,
There have been floods, I hear,
I am told about the coups and assassinations,
The wise have briefed me about the famines and royal births…
Well, the sands mean impermanence,
The winds bring in change,
The moonlight bathes me in passion,
The clouds make me a wanderer,
I disappear in the sky,
I drown in the sea,
I get addicted to life,

Poem/ SuperMoon Sighted

SuperMoon Sighted ---

The moon has an ocean for a face
and no hands for gestures.
---SuperMoon Sighted.

The perfect circle
and the missing moon.

The moon has minds of its own
and circles & circles &

The moon is a bowling alley
a cupboard
a disc of colorful mysticism.

The moon is a tune on the night
the moon shimmers as gossamer.

The moon is a halo queen
of the night.
The moon is ice-cold and spontaneous.

Secularism in Bharatanatyam

Vidhya Subramanian

Secularism is a philosophy which holds the view that religious considerations should not influence civil, social or political life. In India, the word secular was added to the preamble of the Indian constitution by the 42nd Amendment (1976), mandating religious equality, tolerance and respect among all Indian religions.