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Bombay Jaishree's Concert, San Jose, CA, Oct 26 2013,

I saw GOD, briefly, yesterday. I drove her to her concert. I heard her sing. Yes, I saw GOD yesterday...

Nirbhaya - Award winning human rights theatre


NIRBHAYA is theatre as a vehicle for social change.

NIRBHAYA is a theatre production written and directed by internationally acclaimed theatre artist Yael Farber, in collaboration with an extraordinary cast and creative team from India.

NIRBHAYA was created in response to the violent gang rape and subsequent death of Delhi medical student Jyoti Singh Pandey on December 16, 2012.

Anand - Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli - Manna Dey

Farewell to Manna Dey

Thank you for the lovely music


You are keen to trust, you pull up a veil when the chance arrives.

You are awake thinking into the night, dreading the day,
You live through the day, hoping for the night.

You ask questions, but not to seek answers.
You talk but don't have a conversation.

You want to live freely, but you chain yourself down.

What is it, you ask yourself. Why is it, you ask yourself.

Mirages. Lies. Paradoxes. Contradictions. Conflicts. Pain. Questions. Truths.

An Ode

I wanted to pen down an ode for you,
In mismatched poetry;
In unrhyming lines…
Inspired by a few thirsty souls in the flooded banks
Of the familiar river…
The emotions turned tepid
And in the crumpled napkin
Stashed between the cups of untasted, untouched beverages,
I attempted to draw a few lines.
I found that the lines reflected the ones in my palm….
A faint something in your dancing eyes,
Did I see a tear? Did I see a dream?
I looked away,
Wishing that I had never slept, and that I never awoke….

Houston Dasara by Kas

Very funny Dussehra/Navaratri song

You've got to listen to this song. Funny, original & just love the how straight faced the singer is while delivering really funny lines.

Navatman presents A Bharatanatyam Performance by Vidhya Subramanian

Friday, October 18th,
Navatman, Inc at its studio
355 7th Avenue, New York, New York 10001

Vidhya Subramanian, one of the leading Bharatanatyam artists of today is acclaimed for her sensitive choreography and emotionally charged performances. Her superb artistry has earned appreciation all over India and abroad. She has been awarded the 'Singar Mani', 'Natya Arasi', 'Yuva Kala Bharati', 'Nadanamamani', and grade ‘A’ artist by Doordarshan.

Blue Jasmine: A Review

A self-professed Woody Allen fangirl, when I finally got tickets to see Blue Jasmine, I was ecstatic.

It was even more special for me because one of my best friends found them for me in a city that I am completely alien to. The experience was special right from the get go, and then came the film.

Bombay Jayashri Interview

Kalpana Mohan interviews Bombay Jayashri

Talking Cranes is offering discounted tickets for the Bombay Jayashri concert that is being brought to San Jose by Bhoomija. Kalpana Mohan interviews the 'Nightingale of South India' about her passion for music which she shares through workshops in India and abroad, and through her projects with her children's choir and for children with special needs.

Book your discounted tickets at http://www.talkingcranes.com/concert-booking