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The Chennai Dance Season 2013-14

The Chennai dance and music festival is a celebration of classical dance and music held from early December to mid January in Chennai, the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu. The festival had its origin in the Margazhi Festival of Dance and Music in 1927 at the Madras (which was the city’s name until 1997) Music Academy. The city comes alive with the festival that has now grown into a cultural extravaganza with more than 2000 performances held at a number of venues in the city.

Poem - "Looking Back"

Another year has passed...
Has it only been a year?
Feels like a lifetime, or many,
It's not the same person in the mirror.

So much has happened - January, February, March, April and May
Seem to blur together with preparations for the big day.
A wedding, dampened by a scare,
My heart grows cold to even think of it.

But joy it did bring as the family grew,
More good news would come, and suddenly I knew
Our lives are forever held in tender invisible hands,
Oh what comfort to surrender to Divine plans.

One Sikh Snowman

Happy Winter to everyone! Here is a unique take on the Snowman! Love it!


The Orientalist - by the House of Kamiar Rokni

Set sail on a voyage of the exotic east, with ‘The Orientalist’, the new collection by The House of Kamiar Rokni, to be unveiled at the at the finale of the PFDC L’ Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2013. Inspired by the fascination of the west with the exotic east  and the ‘Orientalist’ pai

On becoming a dancer

The Natyashastra, a centuries old treatise on Indian dance, drama, music and theatre, defines the qualities of a good dancer in specific terms. Artistic competence is part inherent and part acquired.

The Natyashastra says that for a dancer to blossom she is required to have as her inherent qualities, natural beauty of face and body, a feel for music and talam or rhythm, a good voice, intelligence, enthusiasm, patience, humility, steadiness of mind, confidence, devotion, perseverance, concentration, etc.

SQS Project - Dhat Teri Ki (SQS version) | Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

New song from fun band SQS project

Dhat Teri Ki (SQS version) | Gori Tere Pyaar Mein


Yellow means a sunflower.
A single stem brightening a whole room.
Yellow means cheer.

Yellow means a child’s nursery.
Yellow means innocence.

Yellow means butter.
A thick wad melting on a steaming hot aloo-paratha.
Yellow means temptation.

Yellow means the Australian cricket team.
Yellow means challenge.

Yellow means Winnie the Pooh.
On a night-shirt and a school bag and a notebook.
Yellow means memories.

Yellow means a canary.
Hopping and skipping and flipping about.
Yellow means life.

The Corn Boy - a poem

Today November 20th  is Universal Childrens Day.
TC would like to celebrate childhood with this endearing poem written by Yash Srivastav when he was 11.


I saw a little boy,
Six, maybe seven.
Wearing rags as clothes,
But teeth from heaven.

A dark complexion
From the sun beating down.
The boy appeared unlike,
The rest of the town.

His face was grimy,
His clothes were too.
And all day long,
There was something to do.