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Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: Tackling Obstacles

Do you give up easily? Do you blame yourself? Do you think things cannot change?

Obstacles are not something we talk about when we discuss achievement. Yet, how you deal with your obstacles is just what determines whether you fail or succeed!

TallPoppyTalk with Gayatri Sekar: Nikita Shyam

Nikita Veejay picked me up for our meeting, en-route to a coffee shop, where we got ourselves cold drinks to save us from the (still young, but blazing) Chennai summer.

Dressed in a printed cotton linen shirt and capris, sunglasses in place, Nikita, 26, Founder of ‘Urumi’ exemplified a ‘Chennai ponnu’ as she would call herself. We settled into the cafe as I fished out my pocket notebook from my bag, which she immediately caught as her competitor’s, and whipped out one of her own brand’s, showing it off to me as smaller but better, and more endearing.

TC Enterprise: Asking Makes You Vulnerable

One of the favourite topics for research in the area of women’s leadership is on why women generally do not negotiate for themselves. There is substantial amount of research on why women don’t ask and how this results in us getting much less in life, especially professional lives. It is bad enough that we have to counter the subtle and not so subtle gender biases, but our inability to ask worsens it. One research paper even quantifies it with an example where two MBA grads, a man and a woman, start out with a $100K salary. The man negotiates and gets a 10% increase.

The Zen of Saying No

If your to-do list is longer than your wish list, it time to think about your priorities.

Many people take on a lot more than they can reasonably achieve. Instead of getting ahead, they spend too much time trying to stay afloat. It’s a dangerous position.

One of the main reasons for this is saying yes, when every bone in your body is screaming – I REALLY never want to do that. Almost everyone does it – even though some people are better at it than others.

Why do people say yes when they mean no?

How to Negotiate the Pay you Deserve

A hotly debated and often contentious issue is the gap in pay levels between men and women in the workplace; market data continues to reflect large disparities between women and men globally with many studies concluding that women get paid anywhere from 20% to 25% less than men.   Often, women are reticent about discussing pay and remuneration, and may not negotiate their pay as actively as they should.