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Mentoring and Sponsoring

Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad:Coach Krishna & the Gita

I got interested in coaching many years ago as a mother to my young son. I was keenly aware of my responsibility to help him discover and optimize his natural talents in a fulfilling way. And I needed help!

I have since sought guidance from friends, family, books, Ted talks, sports coaches and animal trainers to understand what works, from ancient times to the present.

Coaching Circa 3076 BCE

A fine example is how Krishna coaches Arjuna in the ancient Indian epic, 'The Mahabharata'.

Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: My first Life Coach - My Father

In my work as a coach, I have noticed the important influence of role models in shaping people’s lives, including their work ethic. Parents are usually the key role models, or it could be a favorite teacher, uncle or a grandmother.

Role models influence our attitude towards work, what values we hold dear, how we make decisions, or resolve conflict. I also observed, that people are unconsciously and powerfully influenced by their role models, often more than expert advice from other sources.

TC Enterprise: Rashmee Roshan Lall in conversation with Preeti Singh

Journalist Rashmee Roshan Lall was the former editor of The Sunday Times of India and also has presented ‘The World Today’ for BBC World Service; she is currently based in Abu Dhabi and is an editor at The National.

On Being a Journalist

TC Enterprise: S. Mitra Kalita - In conversation with Preeti Singh

S. Mitra Kalita was just named managing editor of the Los Angeles Times. Before that Mitra was executive editor of Quartz which she joined  in 2012  as its founding Ideas Editor. She has launched Mint, a business paper in New Delhi, and the Greater New York section of the  Wall Street Journal, and reported for The Washington Post, Newsday and the Associated Press. Mitra has published two books with another on the way.

Talking Cranes celebrates International Women's Day with Bombay Jayashri at Biocon

Celebrating womanhood and women in the workplace – Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Talking Cranes recognized International Womens Day – a date designated by the United Nations to celebrate women’s successes and achievements – by partnering with Biocon to mark its first ever International Women's Day celebration.

Building High Performing Teams

 My initial years were spent as a market researcher.  Most of the time I was an individual contributor, doing my bits in the research chain. As I moved out of research and into a corporate communications role, I had to learn to manage a lot of vendors and how to make them work together. I still continued to do my own thing as I was the team and the manager, all in one. As I progressed further, I suddenly realized  that the volume of work had grown manifold. Now I needed a team.