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TC Enterprise with Namrita Chettiar

VASTRA By Namrita Chettiar is a contemporary Bridal-wear line, with a nod to Namrita's South-Asian Heritage. Based out of San Francisco Bay area, Designer/Owner Namrita works with each bride personally to create their one of a kind dream ensemble, using the finest of the fabrics, the most intricate time honored embroideries and  couture quality details.

Namrita talks to Talking Cranes about her entrepreneurial journey.


Tell us about your family, education and growing up.

TallPoppyTalk with Gayatri Sekar: Nikita Shyam

Nikita Veejay picked me up for our meeting, en-route to a coffee shop, where we got ourselves cold drinks to save us from the (still young, but blazing) Chennai summer.

Dressed in a printed cotton linen shirt and capris, sunglasses in place, Nikita, 26, Founder of ‘Urumi’ exemplified a ‘Chennai ponnu’ as she would call herself. We settled into the cafe as I fished out my pocket notebook from my bag, which she immediately caught as her competitor’s, and whipped out one of her own brand’s, showing it off to me as smaller but better, and more endearing.

TC Enterprise with Nima Srinivasan

TC Enterprisexx        enterprising women lean in

Nima Srinivasan returned to India after 12 years in the US and started her own company, Berylitics. She talked to TC about becoming an entrepreneur.
In my last corporate job, I was an SVP at Added Value, Los Angeles. In March 2011, I came down to Bangalore to do a recce and get a decent corporate job.

Sangeeta Sundaram on becoming an entrepreneur

TC Enterprise - with Sangeeta Sundaram

Sangeeta Sundaram, co-founder of Nucleus Insights, shares her thoughts on the path to entrepreneurship.

Nucleus Insights is a successful Mumbai-based consultancy which works with teams or organizations in various industries across the globe to facilitate organizational change. Their three key areas of focus are organizational transformation, corporate culture and leadership development. 

Sangeeta traces the genesis of the company, providing insight into its evolution from concept to creation. 

Nima Srinivasan - TC's Crane of the Month

In her own words...

I am someone who likes to understand what makes people tick. Until it drives me to a point where it makes better sense to focus my energy on food, drink or a Buzzfeed list.

Jugaad (quick fix or innovative solution)

JUGAAD - A new word made a great impact on me when I moved to Delhi a decade ago from my laid back hometown. I was impressed by the way the denizens of the national capital managed things. They rarely said they could not (do something), for there were always ways to make things happen. Later on I realized that this was what Jugaad was all about - anything that solves an everyday problem in an inspired, ingenious manner.

Talking Cranes meets Mona Sabet, Founder - Viblio

Organize your videos with Viblio - TC meets Mona Sabet

Meet Mona Sabet, entrepreneur, based in the SF bay area. She is the founder of Viblio, an exciting start-up whose product can search and help you make sense of your chaotic video collection.

An engineer and a lawyer, Mona’s experience is both wide and deep. It ranges from tech start-up to large corporations in various executive leadership roles in the Intellectual Property business, Financial Valuations, and Product Marketing.

Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career!

Just finished reading this book “The Start Up of You” by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha, which I found educative and inspiring. I wanted to share my thoughts on the book to all the entrepreneurs out there. This book provides clear, thought-provoking guidance on career planning and transformation. Definitely a good read for someone who wants to actively manage their own career or startup in today’s world. It presents lot of fresh concepts like managing yourself like a business, investing in skills and dropping old paradigms, like the 10 year plan.

Beyond being Number One: Teleradiology Solutions
TC in a conversation with Shruti Shibulal, Head, Corporate Strategy, The Tamara Coorg resort