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iPartner India launches Every 8 Minutes, the first campaign of its kind that aims to stop child trafficking in India 

Every 8 Minutes a child goes missing in India. 40% of them never return to their villages. They are sold as cheap labour, buried deep in the brothels of major cities, forced to take part in pornographic films and experience unimaginable horrors every day.

This modern day slavery of children is the human rights issue of our time – and it is being stopped.

Every 8 Minutes is led by iPartner India, a charity, with offices in London and Delhi, at the forefront of a new kind of international philanthropy, dedicated to encouraging sustainable giving towards the most pressing development issues facing modern India.

In just five years, iPartner India, has already helped 20,250 child trafficking victims by bringing together the Indian government, many frontline partner organizations and caring individuals and businesses in India and the global community to work towards ending child slavery.

In November 2014, the campaign was launched as a pilot attempt to pioneer a national level campaign to raise awareness and funds, using the Global Giving platform, which gives the charity a good chance of getting funds matched in the future by donors and corporates in the UK and the US.

Relying on friends and family networks, this small team has already inspired individuals from India, the UK, the US, Canada, Dubai, China, Columbia, France, Ethiopia and Belgium to join the campaign.

iPartner India aims to reach another 100,000 children in the next five years. From prevention, to rescue, to healing - every donation starts the slow journey towards bringing the life back into these children’s eyes. 

How donations make a difference at the national level:

£10 ensures that 1 village leader is aware and equipped to prevent trafficking

£25 pays for the counselling and healing of 1 rescued trafficked victim for a month.

£51 trains and supports children vigilante teams in 1 village to fight trafficking

£152 reunites 1 trafficked victim with their family.

In the next 8 minutes, one child will go missing in India. 
Exploited, abused and sold into slavery, they have little hope without your help.
SAVE A CHILD FROM TRAFFICKERS by donating here: bit.ly/every8m 

Since inception seven years ago, iPartner India has raised over £5.5 million. Its work to date has improved the lives of 242,836 women, 64,908 children, 54,571 students, 10,718 people provided with clean water and 15,987 hospital patients in some of the poorest regions of India. With a network of 110 validated organisations across 20 states, iPartner is able to deliver against a wide range of community development issues.

Visit www.every8minutes.org to support the campaign and www.iPartnerindia.org to know more about their work. 

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text & image credits: www.ipartnerindia.org
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